Women In Tech Startups To Watch In 2014

Jacqui Bull, Co-founder of Sidekicker

Jacqui Bull, SidekickerJacqui Bull gave up a graduate position at Deloitte to co-found Sidekicker – a website and app that connects businesses with bright and talented individuals to complete short term jobs or projects. This includes customer service, filing and invoicing, event assistance, bar and wait staff, or booking a restaurant for a person who has forgotten their wedding anniversary. Users simply post a job, and pre-screened and verified ‘sidekicks’ apply for it. All payment and invoicing are done through Sidekicker making it a hassle-free service for people who value their time.

Since launching in September 2012, Sidekicker has completed over $250,00 worth of jobs and have more than 350 sidekicks on their books. With a customer retention rate of 82% and completed jobs at 98%, Sidekicker promises to be a handy service for business owners.

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Janeece Keller, Founder of Bound Round

Janeece Keller, Bound RoundOn a flight from London to Sydney, Janeece Keller overheard a conversation between some children and their parents. The kids complained they had nothing fun to do when they arrived. It was a light-bulb moment and the business idea of creating a travel guide specifically for kids was born.

Bound Round creates fully interactive travel guide apps for kids 7-12 years. It can also be used as a travel journal so kids can capture and share their travel adventures. Bound Round travel app has been downloaded over 7500 times and featured in the App Store reaching #9. In November 2013, Bound Round was a finalist in the Cool Company Awards, was rated 10/10 on eTravel Blackboard and a Top 3 travel app for kids by Thomas Cook Travel Magazine.

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Yvette Adams, Founder of awardshub

Yvette AdamsMultiiple business award winner Yvette Adams created awardshub to help business owners identify business awards and prepare winning applications. Yvette recognised the value of applying for Government grants and entering business awards herself when she started an online tee-shirt business in 2002. Within just a few months of starting the business she received a Government grant and won a global website award. From there, Yvette’s award-winning streak started.

Through Awards Hub, Yvette has helped numerous people win major business awards, with clients from Dubai to Melbourne.

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Demi Markogiannaki, Co-founder of WeTeachMe

Demi MarkogiannakiDemi Markogiannaki is one of four co-founders at WeTeachMe – an online marketplace to list, discover and book in-person courses. The site lists courses covering a wide range of subjects – from creative writing, photography, and baking to software development, sustainable gardening, and music. WeTeachMe has completely automated the entire process of managing course bookings after observing badly hacked systems by course providers.

In its first year, WeTeachMe listed 10,000 courses Australia-wide worth over $1.2M in ticket sales. More recently, WeTeachMe placed second in the So You Think You can START-UP Live B2B Pitching event in Sydney and has been nominated for, and won, various business awards.

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Kristy Ouwerkerk, Founder of Veilability

Kristy Ouwerkerk

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