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You can read our full story here. Or check out Woman of Influence for inspiring stories, Go See for amazing places to see before you die and The Agenda – a calendar of business, social, sports and cultural events around town handpicked by our team.

Robelen Bajar
Robelen Bajar

I’m a marketing strategist and lifestyle blogger, a sucker for sexy domains (read closet geek), social media butterfly, lover of sky high stilettos, ballroom latin dancer and coconut farmer. I’ve been in all things tech, digital and social media since 2001. Long before it was cool.






Kari Villamil
Kari Villamil

I’m a proud mum of two gorgeous girls in their 20s, Jess and Vanessa. Wife to a wonderful husband and chef, Andrew, and Grandma to Layla, the most spoilt Basenji on earth. My girls are my legacy to the planet, what I will leave behind as my imprint. They are resourceful, intelligent, creative and amazing women. They inspire me.









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