Where Are All The Bloody Women?

In this week’s edition of World Wide Women we search for role models, style and a voice in the political world.

1. Wanted: Women of merit

Abbott and Bishop
Photo: AAP/Lukas Coch

When we think about trailblazing women we tend to think of entrepreneurs, adventurers and women making their way past the glass ceiling to reach new corporate heights .  But what about politics?  Women in Australian politics are becoming scarce; with PM Tony Abbott appointing only one woman on his cabinet.  It is easy to conclude that women’s needs, desires and rights have minimal representation in Australia’s governing body.  The hidden issue, however, is the potential perpetuation of women not entering politics for lack of role models, guidance and support.  In response to these issues a number of prominent women have spoken out against Abbott’s decision, and to encourage women and girls to get into politics for the sake of the entire population. Check out their opinions and advice here.

2. Women suit up to blend in


Ever been told that you “wear the pants” in your relationship?  What about in the work place?  Maybe you actually wear pants in the work place to blend in, or you’ve been getting into the 80s style of power suits with shoulder pads and shits so the boys in the office aren’t shocked by your feminine curves. You’re not alone in your attempts to join the boys club, with a recent survey showing that women working in offices in the UK are likely to wear less make-up than usual, and over a quarter will ditch the dress for bland business suits to ensure they are taken seriously.  Read the stats here and have a think about how you dress in the work place and the effects you think it might have.

3. Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts: “You can’t have it all.”

Angela AhrendtsAngela Ahrendts is not only the CEO of the UK’s world renowned fashion brand Burberry, she is also a dedicated mother of three.  Recently, Angela came out to talk about “having it all”, only to say you just can’t!  You can’t save a fashion label from demise, attend the Oscars and take the kids to school every day of the week.  In other words ladies, give yourselves a break.  Ask the hubby to take on more domestic chores or to make the kids’ lunches if you can’t, and make sure your priorities suit your family and business goals.  Do you agree with Angela? Check out her comments here.

4. Awesome list of role models – take your pick

Photo: GETTY Images
Photo: GETTY Images

Whether you are working in the corporate world, trying to make a name for yourself in the arts, or working hard to get your own business off the ground, one thing we all have in common is the need for a role model.  Even the most successful women out there can name their role models with pride, proving just how important it is to surround yourself with other successful women.  This awesome list of successful women tells us that even Michelle Obama has a role model whom she turns to for knowledge and inspiration.  Make a list of people who inspire you to help guide your career and goals.


5. Tech women descend on Vegas

Keli Wilson
Keli Wilson, Tech woman

Curious to see what women in the tech world are up to?  This week Forbes held a conference in Las Vegas, flagged to be the USA’s up and coming tech hub.  To make sure the rest of the world is in the loop they profiled some of the most interesting female business founders who attended.  Check out the list of successful ladies and links to their new businesses for some inspiration!


(Pictured is Dominique Dawes named a female role model by Huffington Post Women.)


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