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Founder Profiles For Women In Business Founder Profiles feature the inspiring stories of women in business and entrepreneurs.


Founder Profiles is invite-only

A Founder Profile on is ideal for women who run their own business, work as a freelancer or have a part-time business or blog. Designed to help build your personal and business brand, the profile is a page about you, your business,  your expertise, your passions, your projects. Using a Q&A format, we share your story and promote what you do. The page is optimised to help bring more people to your website or social media accounts, and learn about your business and your story. It also helps connect you with other female founders and talented women within our community.


What is included in a Founder Profile

1. A comprehensive business profile page with 2 images or 1 video

2. Your inspiring business story in Q/A format

3. A link to your marketing or promotional offer to help drive leads

4. Optimised for your name and business/brand name so that potential customers find your Founder Profile when they search online

5. Feature prominently on the homepage for at least 1 week and rotated throughout the year

6. Promoted on our weekly newsletter and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Flipboard and Pinterest

7. Inclusion on #ITweetYou campaign – we tweet your Founder Profile throughout the year.


What are the benefits of a Founder Profile

1. Your Founder Profile is optimised for search engines which means when potential customers search your name or business/brand name online, your Founder Profile will be highly visible.

2. You will be in the company of talented, highly respected and inspiring business women and entrepreneurs with whom you can connect and collaborate.

3. It’s a cost-effective way to create and promote a powerful online brand and share your story to a fast-growing community.


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Pay only $125 (about $2.40 per week) and your Founder Profile will be created, published, hosted and promoted to our community for one year. To receive an invitation, tell us a bit about yourself and your business on the form below.

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*Fees apply for 1 year only with no obligation to renew. Standard rate applies from 1 January 2015 and may change at any time without notice.

You may cancel at any time, however, no refunds will be given if the Founder Profile has been live and published for 30 days or more.

We reserve the right to refuse a submission that conflicts with our brand; a full refund will be organised accordingly.



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