Social Networks Bring Childhood Dreams to Life

This new research into childhood dreams and realising one’s potential is what is all about. Social Media and the digital age is not only making it easier to pursue our dreams and passions. It is also instrumental in pushing us to achieve much more than we give ourselves credit for.

Research released today reveals career ambitions dreamt up in the schoolyard will become reality in adulthood for one in six Australian children.

The research, conducted on behalf of American Express, examined adults’ feelings towards following their dreams and realising their potential. The findings reveal many Australian adults never outgrew their childhood dreams; and those aged 35 years and younger are most likely to have turned these dreams into their livelihoods.

Having a dream and achieving it remains a priority for nine in 10 adults, whose top three aspirations for 2013 are to gain more knowledge, live a healthier lifestyle and gain more independence. What’s more interesting is the role of social networks in opening up new possibilities with 58% of respondents agreeing social networks have played a big part, with 35% admitting social media has made them more competitive in the goals they set. So the game is on!

American Express, together with accomplished Australians – designer Samantha Wills, former MasterChef contestant Marion Grasby and blogger Chantelle Ellem, today launched a campaign called Realise Your Potential in 2013 which will help three individuals take their passion to the next level.

For campaign ambassador and former MasterChef contestant Marion Grasby, cooking was a passion since childhood. “Not everyone is fortunate to be able to pursue something they love and have the opportunity to turn it into a career like I did. Through Realise Your Potential in 2013, we’re giving three deserving people the means to express an interest or pursuit they’re most passionate about and providing them with the opportunity to take it to the next level.”

Chantelle Ellem, top Aussie blogger and social media commentator believes “happiness is the best motivator in life, so it’s exciting to hear that those dreams we have as kids are coming true and anything is possible. I feel lucky to be one of those kids who is now living my dream. I hope my daughter gets to do the same.”

Realise Your Potential in 2013 is all about supporting people’s passions and giving them the means to devote more time and energy to them,” said Lisa Vehrenkamp, American Express Managing Director.

American Express Realise Your Potential in 2013 is live from 31 January to 21 February 2013. To enter visit and join the conversation at #AmexAu

And for the community, The Agenda will be your resource to get moving, meeting and making things happen. We’ll be expanding it to include every major city and region in Australia and New Zealand thanks to the Ambassadors. We’ll be making an announcement soon. Stay tuned!

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