21-Day Success Habit Instagram Challenge

21-Day Success Habit Instagram Challenge

21-Day Success Habit Instagram Challenge

Create a new success habit in 2016

We’re finishing up with a fun Instagram challenge that’s all about helping our community do just one thing that could make a big impact on their success and happiness in 2016.

Listed below are ten habits common among successful (and happy) people. Simply choose one habit you wish to take on, commit to it for 21 days and post to Instagram daily. We’ll be with you all the way! (For details on how to play scroll down.)

We’ve also included  ideas on what you could post to Instagram.   

1. #RiseEarly

What do you see, smell, feel, taste, or experience when you rise early?

2. #Move

You want to get fitter and make the most of the summer. Whether an outdoor or indoor activity, you’re committing to a habit that boosts your energy. We want to see action shots, what you’re wearing/drinking, where you are, the people you meet, beautiful smiles or fists pumping the air.

3. #Meditate

You want to tap into an inner calm and quiet to give you focus and clarity. Your photos could be a yoga pose, beautiful views of the beach, forest or park where you meditate, the sky as you look up lying down on the grass, sand between your toes or gardening (it’s meditative!).

4. #Cleanliving

You want to cut back on caffeine, junk food or sugar, eat more wholesome foods, start a veggie patch, buy organic local produce or kick a nasty habit. Share beautiful Instagram photos of how you’re living a cleaner life. We also recommend you talk to a health professional for expert advice on health matters.

5. #Gratitude

“The more you thank life, the more life gives you to be thankful for.” Post photos of people, places, experiences and things you are thankful for.

6. #Learn

Have you always wanted to learn how to cook, code or do the cha cha cha? Whatever it is, take us on your learning journey – the highs and the lows.

7. #DoItNow

Do you have a habit of putting things off? Quit procrastinating and turn your to-do list into the-done list. We want to see beautiful after-shots, little treasures you discover or what it feels like to tackle something head-on.

8. #LetGo

It’s also time to let go of past hurts, guilt, negative energy, relationships and things that don’t serve your purpose anymore. Forgive, move on and make room for new energy. Give us a peek into what it means to let go.

9. #Listen

It’s hard to listen when our minds are filled with noise. Speak less, judge less, understand more. Listen more – to others, to what’s around you, to your inner voice. What do you hear?

10. #Rest

Your brain is always on and you don’t know how to just chill. Take one hour each day to switch off and chill out. You could be star gazing, reading by the pool, sleeping in, enjoying a trip to the spa or just sipping a cuppa – the possibilities are endless!

Register to Play

Register no later than 21 December to receive a surprise gift in the mail (limited to Australian residents only).

1. Subscribe to WOMAN below.

* indicates required

2. Follow @womancomau @thewritingyogi and @happinessplanner  on Instagram

3. Choose one habit from the list and post to Instagram for 21 consecutive days. You may commence the challenge at any time from 21 December until 1 January. Once you start the challenge you must stick to it for 21 days.

4. Use two hashtags in your daily posts, (1) #21daysuccesshabit, (2) your chosen habit from the list above. This helps us know you’ve joined the challenge and the habit you’ve committed to. It also helps to keep track of your progress. We will check!

5. Daily posts must be up by midnight each day.

6. Have fun and be creative with your photos. We want to see beautiful Instagram pics!

Prizes and Gifts

Everyone’s a winner in this challenge. All participants who register will receive a surprise gift in the mail.

Plus there’s a weekly winner and an overall challenge winner who will receive a special prize from our judge and challenge sponsor The Happiness Planner. More details coming soon!



Anyone can join for fun, but if you want to be in the running for a prize, here are the terms and conditions.

1. Participants must:

  • reside in Australia
  • be a WOMAN subscriber
  • follow @womancomau and @happinessplanner on Instagram.

2. The challenge must be completed in 21 consecutive days with participants starting at anytime from 21 December 2015 and no later than 1 January 2016.

3. You must share your daily progress by posting a photo with the required hashtags on Instagram for 21 consecutive days by midnight each day. Photos you share as part of this challenge must be your own.

4. The winner will be selected by the challenge sponsor and notified via email within 7 days from 22 January 2016. If we don’t hear from the winner in 14 days, a new winner will be chosen.

5. Photos shared by challenge participants will be used by WOMAN for marketing and promotional purposes. Copyright lies with you and we will of course credit you.

6. The “surprise gift” is only available to participants who register by 8pm AEST 21 December and who have an Australian address.




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