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She is a mover, shaker and maker.

A reader is a juggler, well-traveled, tech-savvy, highly social, opinionated, entrepreneurial, driven and socially aware. While she leads a busy, successful life and sometimes gets caught up in the rat-race, she has an inner desire to break away from the norm and conquer a big, hairy audacious goal; to create something that expresses who she is; to participate and live life a little differently.

Although at the top of her game, success to her is not about climbing the corporate ladder – she wants a lot more than that. She thrives in adventure and risk-taking, craves new ideas, thinks outside the box, takes action and follows her dreams.  She is an independent spirit with an entrepreneurial drive, and she wants nothing more than a world where work and life is synonymous and symbiotic.

She is either:

  • At the top of her career and looking for a change of pace or place – whether it’s starting a business or following a lifelong dream
  • Have a promising career and hungry for the next career growth and opportunity but is seeking a new way of working and living
  • On an entrepreneurial journey with a mission to change her life and those of others

29% run their own business full-time
23% run a part-time business or blog
68% work for a company in a senior or mid-management role
75% travel overseas for work/leisure at least once per year


15% aged 18-24
29% aged 25-34
30% aged 30-44
18% aged 45-54
8% aged 55-65+

98% Australia
2% New Zealand


IMPORTANT GUIDELINES – Things you need to know!

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Guest Contributors:

  • Full author attribution.
  • Your article will be distributed on our social media networks, newsletter and partner websites.
  • Copyright of your articles remains with you.

If you want to become a Regular Contributor, you’ll need to provide content at least once a month. And for that, you get the above plus more:

  • Your very own author page with an archive of all your published articles . Here’s an example.
  • You can proudly display the partnerbadge on your website or blog.
  • Access to our back-end so you can create, submit and edit your stories directly.
  • Special invitation to our exclusive brunches and high teas (if there’s one in your city).[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Topics and Themes” state=”open” ]We publish content that provide practical advice, insights and inspiration on the things we care about. If you’re an expert (by profession or life experience) we invite you to submit guest contributions on the following topics:

[highlight]Mindset | Money | Health/Fitness | Business | Leadership | Entrepreneur | Tech | Travel  [/highlight]


Now, what to write.

[highlight]Founder Diaries: [/highlight]This popular column features the stories of business owners and offers insights into the mindset of an entrepreneur and the realities of running a business. Female founders share their learnings, experiences, frustrations, joys, their successes and failures in equal measure.

[highlight]Practical How-tos: [/highlight]Demonstrate your expertise, offer advice, share your learnings and captivate with headline grabbing stories.

[highlight]Trends and Insights: [/highlight]Product/service reviews, insights from research and why it’s important, what’s hot, what’s not, the latest, coolest, and worth raving about, what’s everyone talking about?

[highlight]Lists and Guides to good living: [/highlight] “5 secrets”, “3 steps”, or “the complete guide to”.

[highlight]Personal Stories: [/highlight] Did you travel the world with less than $1000 in your pocket, scale Mt Everest, build a million dollar business with only $50, create an impressive investment portfolio before your 21st birthday, quit your day job to follow your dreams? We want to hear your story – the good, the bad and the ugly.

[highlight]Opinion: [/highlight]You want to be heard. You have something to say about a particular issue or want to express a particular stance (popular or otherwise) on a hot topic. This is your space. Make sure your argument or opinion is based on facts or insights from experiences or research.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Tone of voice, writing style and other requirements” state=”open” ]We love articles that are insightful, intelligent, honest, real and even a little raw. So drop the boring, monotonous professional tone. We love witty writing.

Important guidelines:

  • Contributions need to be 500-1000 words, with a short bio (100 words max) submitted in a word document plus a profile picture in jpeg or png format (620×330 pixels)
  • You may include a link on your bio.
  • Content must be unique – not copied or published elsewhere.
  • Content needs to valuable, informative and educational. Focus on demonstrating your expertise in the subject matter.
  • Use first or second person narrative.
  • If you’re using facts and figures or quoting references, provide a link to your source.
  • Adopt an informal, conversational writing style. Cheeky is OK, attitude is welcome and lots of personality please! We want to see a bit of you in it too.
  • While we love a bit of attitude and won’t even mind if you swear (a little), your message needs to stay upbeat, positive and relevant.
  • While we edit and approve all articles before they are published, you must ensure your submissions are proofread and grammar-checked.
  • Submissions that are poorly written will not be accepted and may impact on your future submissions.[/toggle]


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