Women In Business, Tech And Winter Olympics

Women In Business, Tech And Winter Olympics

Women In Business, Tech And Winter Olympics

It’s a big win for women all around as their prominence continue to rise in business, tech and sports. 

1. Women in business an example, not exception

Gayle Tzemach LemmonGayle Tzemach Lemmon is breaking all boundaries by busting into the business world with an important message that we can’t ignore; that women entrepreneurs are and example, not an exception to the rule.  Lemmon has been reporting on female entrepreneurs in conflict and post-conflict zones for the New York Times, Financial Times, the International Herald Tribune, and many more highly acclaimed journals and newpapers.  Her research, and her New York Times best seller The Dress Maker of Khair Khana, make a clear statement about the importance of investing in women in business.  When we invest in women’s businesses the local and global economy benefits.  Watch Lemmon’s inspirational and informative TedxWomen above


2.  Women leading tech success

We have said it before, and I’m sure that we will say it again, that companies with the a high amount of women on their boards financially outperform those with a low percentage of women on their boards.  Both Facebook and Twitter initially ignored this fact in the lead up to their public-market debuts, with both companies hitting the market minus any women on their boards.  While Facebook scrambled to rectify the situation (resulting in huge successes following the appointment of Sheryl Sandberg as their COO), one promising start-up is choosing to take action before they get to the market.  Zendesk makes cloud-based, customer-support technology for businesses, and to ensure they have a diverse and effective board they have taken on three of the most qualified people in the business tech industry.  All three of which are women.  Check out who these talented ladies are, their impressive qualifications and how they are going to lead Zendesk to success here.

3. Women winning their rights at the Winter Olympics

Sochi Olympics SnowboardDid you know that between 1924, the year of the first Winter Olympics, and 1948 the only winter sport women were able to participate in was figure skating?  In the lead up to the Sochi Winter Olympics followers of the games have made comment on the leaps and bounds that have been made in terms of gender equality.  This year, women are competing in over 14 sports, as a result of years of dedicated lobbying and legal challenges, urging women’s rights to compete in extreme sports and conditions.  Our very own Australian Olympic team has, for the first time ever, more women competing than men and historically it has been the Australian women who clock up the medals in the snow.  Clearly, gender equality in the Winter Olympics is great news for Australia, but there are still some sports closed to female competitors.  Read more details about what events female athletes in Sochi can and can’t compete in here.


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