Women In Tech Startups To Watch In 2014

Wanida Chua-anusorn, Director and Co-founder of MagnePath

Wanida Chua-anusorn, MagnePathDr Wanida Chua-anusorn is co-founder MagnePath, a medical technology company that develops medical imaging innovations to help us see our bodies in a different light, from mapping fat to muscle damage, and joint injury. Radiology centres can download their image processing platform, with the apps they want, as and when needed.

Wanida’s endeavors in the digital health industry are built on both clinical and commercial experience, with MBA and PhD training. Prior to MagnePath, Wanida co-invented and commercialised a non-invasive technology to measure iron content in the liver, along with the tele-analysis business for delivery of the technology to market. Before moving to Australia, Wanida studied medical technology in Thailand where she conducted clinical research in liver pathology and iron overload conditions.

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Claire Summers, Co-founder of Wish Registry

Claire Summers, Wish Registry

Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue, Co-founders of Expert360

Emily Yue, Bridgett LoudonGen Ys and former colleagues at Bain & Company, Bridget Loudon and Emily co-founded Expert360 – an online platform that connects people who need industry expertise with people who want to share it. While at Bain & Company, the duo observed that companies and professionals often lacked the specific expertise they needed to make key decisions. Yet this expertise was only needed on an adhoc basis. It was clear that “expertise on demand” was the future and that the internet was driving a new and powerful model for businesses to facilitate that. Expert360 was created as an online platform that gives professionals access to what they really want – high quality talent, flexibility in how they engage them, and at a price that delivers good value.

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Fiona Anson and Allison Baker, Co-founders of Workible

Fiona Anson and Allison Baker, Workible foundersFiona Anson and Allison Baker were consulting for the same client part-time when they realised they had a common problem. They were looking for extra work – one that fitted around the hours they had available. Upon exploring this further with others, the duo saw an opportunity and worked together to create HireMeUp, a job board specifically for flexible roles. After a trip to Silicon Valley, they reinvented to become Workible. Workible is a mobile and web based recruitment, staff management and social platform that addressed the pain points of the part time and hourly workforce – the need to find staff fast, manage availability and the ebb-and-flow of staffing requirements.

In just 4 months, Fiona and Allison scored a list of blue chip Australian clients with a plan to launch in the US this month.

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