Shopping In London

No matter where you are, you must check out the shopping. Well, that is what I am doing here in London right now. And I must say, I am extremely impressed. From everyday fashion at Primark, Topshop and H&M to the likes of London fashion designers: Stella McCartney, Joseph and Sienna Millers label ‘Twenty8twelve’.

Oxford Street
Oxford Street shopping

Walking through Harrods was so much fun. Watching the wealthy shop and browsing through high-end fashion was a dream. I questioned a lady about the flowers that were displayed in the Dior section. I thought they were fake and was quickly corrected, “Nothing here is fake”. I had a giggle when I walked away, because truthfully, I would hope not!

While in Harrods, I visited the amazing Tea Room. I have been told about this place so many times and had to check it out myself. If you like tea and cakes, then this place is for you. Scones, pastries and cakes are the main focus of the menu. I was one happy girl.

Harrod's Tea Room
Harrod’s Tea Room

London is perfection. There are beautiful people, beautiful things to see and beautiful shopping. Oxford Street was conquered on the first day as soon as I got off the plane. Camden Market is a must see and Notting Hill was a lovely area to shop.

Walking down the Regent Street shopping district, which is the centre street of Soho and Mayfair, you get to see the high-end stores on one side and the awesome funky little boutiques on the other. On my travels further down Regent Street, I finished at Piccadilly Circus for dinner and cocktail to end an incredible shopping adventure.

Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus

My mind is rattling with ideas for my next collection and so far, I have loved sourcing through this area of the world. I am off to Paris next. I hope it is amazing. I have heard it’s unbelievable. I just hope my expectations aren’t too high I’ll let myself down.

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