5 Things That Help Me Kick Goals

I don’t have a short attention span but I’m surprised by how often I lose sight of my goals. When you get caught up in a daily routine, you can easily forget what you’re working towards. When I start to question the extra hours I put into my work, I turn to the 5 things that keep me going when I need that extra motivation.

My Vision Board

I set goals every year and paste magazine cut-outs onto one pink cork board. I look at it every morning to see how I am progressing. It’s my motivation to kick start the day with energy, positivity and enthusiasm. This year I made a commitment to eat better, travel, grow the Pretty Pickles blog and save for a home deposit. I’ve stuck to it so far!

The Alchemist

I’ve had a few personal hurdles to overcome lately and a friend gave me this book for inspiration. If you haven’t read it – it’s a story about a shepherd’s quest to pursue his personal legend, his life purpose. The book takes you through his struggles and triumphs along the way, a beautiful reminder to enjoy the journey to success.

My Peers

They say you are the company you keep and I couldn’t agree more. I have a network of entrepreneurial friends who have big dreams and are setting to achieve them. I am not a competitive person but reading about what my peers have accomplished pushes me to do better. Starting up a business can be a lonely place, a great network can provide mentorship, support and company for days you want to get out of your home office!

The Lifestyle Hackers

For those who are not familiar with lifestyle hacking, it’s a term used to describe a work/lifestyle that is free from the traditional 9-5 workplace. There are few who do it well and I always turn to them for inspiration. Some of my favourites are Timothy Ferris (Author of the 4 Hour Work Seek), Natalie Sisson from The Suitcasepreneur and Chris Guillebeau, famed travel hacker.

Renegade Collective

Renegade Collective is a magazine that recently hit the news stands and I have to admit, I’ve read it cover to cover – twice. It’s a raw and honest monthly publication that redefines entrepreneurship and scours trends from all over the world. Some of its contributors include legendary entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki!


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