Inspiration From A Stop Over

My venture overseas has begun and the first stop on the list is Dubai.

My partner and I visited Dubai in 2011 and we both fell in love. We had to go back! Plus a 21-hour flight to London didn’t seem too inviting, so jumping at the chance to stop over in Dubai was definitely on the agenda.

There are many different ideas about the Middle East, most I have heard are negative but some are positive. I was once asked “why on earth would you visit Dubai?” Seriously, if you have never been there you have no idea. It is amazing! The service is incredible, the people are the friendliest I have  ever met and the hotels and venues are spectacular. Not to mention the malls.

The famous Mercato Mall

The malls are 3 stories high (or maybe even 4), and you can take days and still not have seen an entire mall. The women are immaculate, however, normally donning a traditional dress wear. Their shoes, handbags and makeup are perfection. Chanel, Dior, Louboutin, Miu Miu, Chloe – you name it, it is there,  worn by every Middle Eastern woman.

Seeing these labels make you appreciate fine quality and beautifully made fashion. It helps to remind myself that I do not want to follow trends. I simply want to create stunning clothing that is of the highest quality with an image of class, elegance and beauty.

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