Absolutely Fabulous Darling

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Lights! Models! Guest list! Just do your best darling.

My best? In one of the toughest industries in the world? Fashion is cut throat, one minute you’re in, the next you’re out. I realise that my time may be short-lived in this industry, or it may develop into something that I could never imagine. Either way, the fashion industry is Absolutely Fabulous!

But is it always Absolutely Fabulous? I’d love to be jet-setting to every state and country, in and out of fashion shows reviewing them all on my blog, being invited to radio shows, handed freebies on a weekly basis, my own TV show, working in a magazine, writing my own column for top name newspapers, being able to afford the luxuries of life and having the cash to wear designer clothes every single day. I want it all.

The reality is that I am not receiving that kind of star treatment. The reality is, I still shop at the Good Sammies. The only TV show I have is of me acting a fool in front of everyone I know. The only time I get involved in radio shows is when I call Nova to win stuff. I work full time in the automotive industry! The reality is, the money I earn is all poured into my mortgage. This is my life.

People who don’t know me and only read my blog, often say that I must lead  an amazing glamorous life. I stop them and detail on my amazing glamorous life. Yes, it IS amazing. But it’s not because of all the glamorous things you think that I do or have. I just bought my own home with my husband, I have healthy loyal pets, I have a supportive group of friends and my family is my world. I have access to food and water ALWAYS. My job is steady and I earn money every day. These things are what is important in my life.

I do live and breathe fashion, but at the end of the day, if I am ever caught short by the queen of hearts shouting “Off with her head!” I know that I have this amazing life. You should never forget where you come from or  the people who helped you get there. No matter how successful or famous you may become!

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