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Stepping off the plane, coming from Australia and warm Dubai, London is freezing. But I am happy. It is time for the finer fashion of winter! Of course with the new BUTTONS AW13 Collection launching very soon, I could instantly wear our new designs!

While in London it was planned to visit ALL of the main attractions – Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace and so forth. Of course even the London Eye, Tower of London, all shopping districts and my favourite, Harrods.

Interiors of the castles are immaculate, with floral wallpaper, exquisite furniture and rooms just to sit in for a second a day. I joked that maybe the Kings personal ambition for each day was to sit in each chair (there were so many per room) for 5 seconds and that would have filled his day!

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

When I first started designing, I was known for my choice of floral and frills. Seeing the designs of previous centuries has inspired me to see how I can incorporate my floral and frills into up-and-coming collections. I love anything that is royal and I have to admit that my obsession with Kate Middleton has made London that little bit more special.

With the first collection of the BUTTONS label, I found inspiration from the defined, straight lines and the feminine styles of the beautiful Duchess. I have noticed that the style is quite popular here in London and women here dress more feminine and sophisticated than most places in Australia.

Come visit our Facebook Page to see previews of our new collection and some amazing images of different areas I have visited so far.

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