Why I’m A Yes Woman

As a new designer with a brand new fashion label that is growing quite rapidly in Australia and overseas, I have found myself noticing new ways I live my life.  My frame of mind has changed since I started my label BUTTONS. The word yes has found its way right at the top of my vocabulary. My approach to everything has been yes.

Yes, that’s right.

I never thought I would be one, but yes, I am a yes woman.

Recently, I took on a side project. I have been stopped randomly on occasions and been told I look just like the Duchess of Cambridge.

You know, Kate Middleton.

I never really saw it, but this new little avenue has been such an eye opener.


Being a Kate Middleton look-alike has led to some interesting things. That’s Life! magazine featured me as ‘Australia’s Copy-Kate’ recently and things that have grown from there have been astonishing. And it all happened because I said yes.

I love Kate’s style and would love to style her or see her wear one of my designs. I just need her to say yes.

Yes is such a powerful word. It expresses one’s approval or acceptance. Particulary for me, it is a new perspective. Saying yes has opened doors that I never even thought were possible.

I hope this inspires you to say yes a little more often. See where you find yourself.

Sarah Claire

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