Shine Bright Like A Diamond

“Perth is so backwards!”. “Perth is so far away”. “If you want to go anywhere in the fashion world you need to get out of Perth!”.

I am forever hearing complaints about little Perth. I get quite defensive when someone decides to put a bad word on my beautiful city. People constantly put it down. But have you ever stopped to think about the talent that is packed into this amazing state? Or the great things that you can do here?

I for one having my own blog and working in the creative industry as a photographer, writer and graphic designer know that Perth is small. It’s so small that anywhere I go, I am bound to meet someone that knows one of my friends, family or work colleagues. All the fashion events I am invited to – it’s a bunch of the same people. Why are we not embracing this though? The contacts that I have made since working in the industry is phenomenal. Yes, Perth is small, but the talent is huge and the people willing to help you is overwhelming and humbling to me.

I think the way some people create this negative vibe only affect themselves. Others who absolutely adore this tiny little hub –  the ones who want to give a big snuggle to the magnificent beaches, the array of restaurants, the many different cultures, the hundreds of activities, markets and pop up shops – are the ones who will benefit on all that Perth has to offer. Did you know there are fantastic fashion shows that emerge from the city of Joondalup to the South West of WA. Take it how you want it: laid back and casual on Waikiki beach or high end and fantastic on King St, Perth.

My perception of Perth while living in Merredin was that it was a huge city with loads of potential. When I moved from my town of 2000 people, I was given the negative run down on the city. I resented that because it crushed my mojo – I was on a quest to find the perfect job and mesh in with the locals. The resentment never lasted as I discovered what Perth has to offer.

I may not get a job with Shop til you Drop magazine or Cosmo but maybe one day I could land a column in the West Australian or Scoop Magazine (hint). Where you live shouldn’t matter in this modern age. My blog is open and available to so many opportunities all over the world and I CHOSE this avenue because I want to stay in my flourishing city.

Open your mind and look to the good in your town, city or state and I am sure you will explore more wonderful things than you ever imagined.

“Shine bright like a diamond.”

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