How Perseverance Helped Launch My Online Shop

How Perseverance Helped Launch My Online Shop

How Perseverance Helped Launch My Online Shop

If there is one thing I’ve learned about my journey as an aspiring entrepreneur, it is that perseverance is the ultimate key to success. Sure, having a great idea helps too but it’s perseverance that will get your business off the ground. As a new online shop owner, I am faced with new obstacles daily. From shortage of inventory to registering trademarks and marketing budgets, each aspect of the business presents a different challenge. If I didn’t persevere through them, I would not have a business I love.

I’ll admit- it’s not always easy to keep your perseverance in tact. When you start a business, all your successes and failures are a result of your work. It is what you make it. I’d been tinkering with my online shop at Pretty Pickles on weekends but found that it was growing to the point where it needed more of my attention. Its continued success was solely dependent on me and so I began to schedule night shifts in for SEO, SEM and PR. Business development, product development, marketing – the responsibilities are endless when you are a team of one. I absolutely love the creative side of the business – dreaming up new content for the blog and shooting the products are my favourite things to do. Though with the fun also comes the boring chores like bookkeeping and admin. Even with the help of a finance whiz, the accounting is still challenging for me. At times navigating through a brand new business puts me into a dizzying spin but it’s such a rewarding experience. I understand that with entrepreneurship, there are no guarantees. I am learning along the way and hope you will join me in my journey.

Quick Tip: If you’re at the beginning stages of launching your business, I’d highly recommend keeping a vision board to help you focus on your end goals. This could be magazine cut outs of motivational quotes or images of your vision of success.

I’ve been collecting inspirational quotes on the Pretty Pickles Pinterest board to keep me motivated. If you have any to add to my growing list, please let me know!

When did perseverance play a role in your success? I’d love to hear your story.

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