Why You Need To Get Over Yourself

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The hard truth is, it’s nearly impossible to go at it alone, especially if the dream or goal is bigger than oneself.


One of the biggest lessons I learnt this year in 2014 is to get over myself and promote what I do fearlessly. After quietly working away for two years to build a community of fearless women entrepreneurs at WOMAN.com.au, I suddenly realised I have been getting in my own way for far too long. I wrote about it in a recent post in the Founder Diaries.

The hard truth is, it’s nearly impossible to go at it alone, especially if the dream or goal is bigger than oneself.

When WOMAN.com.au was launched in January 1 2013, I started by profiling some of the most well-known women in business. The list included media icon Ita Buttrose, Emmy award winner Nancy Kanter, Kate Vale of Spotify, Mia Freedman of Mamamia and many other successful female leaders, entrepreneurs and trail blazers each with their own incredible stories.

And after speaking with hundreds of women, I realised there are far greater numbers who should be “famous” (for lack of a better word) but who are not.

At the very least, their stories need to be heard.


be fearless

Starting a business is a bold and brave move. The stakes are high and it comes with massive risks – financially, emotionally and physically. It is for the most part, a lonely and painful journey where the losses and failures outnumber the wins and successes. But it is also a journey where the smallest wins outweigh all the pain, losses and failures combined.

It’s a topsy turvy world and the only way to master it is to be brave.

For this reason, I decided to launch Founder Profiles to promote and showcase Australia and New Zealand’s women entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and bloggers who are following their passions. You don’t need to be famous and influential to take your spot in the limelight – but you do need to be bold and brave to just start something and create.


everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear



So I encourage you to get over yourself and let the world know and celebrate what you do by joining Founder Profiles.


Join a fast growing list of women entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers and creatives on the Founder Profiles:

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There are 50 spots available until 24 December which you can get via our crowd funding project here. All funds raised will go to a social enterprise that is helping farmers and fellow entrepreneurs recover after their community was destroyed by last year’s super typhoon in the Philippines. It’s a great gift to give yourself or a friend, because it’s also a gift for a community that needs help.

Updated: 2 January 2015


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