Sometimes You Need To Fail To Succeed

A company’s journey to success makes a great story – it’s aspirational, inspiring and empowering. However what they don’t often delve into are the disappointments and roadblocks all entrepreneurs face along the way. Those failed attempts to success are gold.

When I started Pretty Pickles, I was selling three retro aprons. Call me naive but I thought they would sell out in a month. Imagine my disappointment when the end of the month came and I’d sold none. In fact two months had passed and I had sold only one. It was easy to assume that there wasn’t a market for retro aprons. Friends and family loved them but they didn’t actually purchase any. It was tempting to give up but instead, I revisited my strategy. It was the best decision I’ve made for Pretty Pickles. It made me realise I had no vision for the brand. With that new found knowledge, I put my marketing skills to work and drafted a plan with measurable goals. The aprons didn’t sell out that month but sales increased and I started to learn about my target market and their shopping behaviours. I was learning from my mistakes. I simply could have given up at the end of one month but it’s not in my nature to do so.

I’m not sure why we fear failure so much. Mistakes are inevitable but it’s how you cope with them that matters. I truly believe you have to make a few mistakes to get it right.

Sometimes mistakes are blessings in disguise. Do you agree?

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