Pizza, Pasta And The Former Prime Minister

What does pasta, chocolate cake and the Harvard Business School have in common?  They are all in this week’s edition of World Wide Women.

1. Sophia Loren cooks up some curves

sophia loren

Why not start our Friday news with some positive food thoughts for a change?  It seems like every magazine we open is telling us how terrible refined carbohydrates are.  Pizza? NO! Pasta? NO! Apparently, models and movie stars don’t go near the stuff.  Sophia Loren, however, had other ideas and we sure do like them.  Loren attributed her sexy curves to pizza and pasta.  And with an in-your-face-attitude she tells the anti-Italian food press to pipe down! Chow down and get the pasta on the boil. More here



2. Double-act at the 2013 G20 Summit

Impact LeadersIn June this year the 2013 G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) Summit kicked off in style in Moscow.  Among the talented young entrepreneurs attending the event, Sonia Lipski and Emily Haigh stood out as rising stars with their business Impact Leaders.   Their start-up helps companies develop market-based solutions to social problems and develops sustainable and profitable social impact initiatives.  These young guns are striving to make a positive change to business and society, and are well on their way to building an impressive portfolio of clients.  Read up on their business model and plans here.


3. A prime time for the former Prime Minister to speak out

Julia Gillard 2013Love or hate the election results, changes are going to be made.  Those changes include the end of Julia Gillard’s self-imposed silence.  That’s right ladies. She is back and ready to speak about her time in office and her swift exit from the top spot.  Dr Anne Summers will be interviewing her in front of sold out crowds in Sydney and Melbourne at the end of this month.  Check out here for more info and get ready for a little controversy.


4. Let them eat cake

Lyn LeeLyn Lee had a thriving career in law ahead of her.  With the world at her feet, the only thing she couldn’t find was the perfect chocolate cake… and job satisfaction.  In the process of solving these problems, Lee left her job and started her own business, Awfully Chocolate.  Not only could she finally make the perfect dark chocolate cake, she could also develop her own business and plan it to suit her and her client’s needs perfectly.  Have a listen to this BBC interview with Lee and be inspired to take the plunge.


5. Women’s business

Photo: Neal Hamberg
Photo: Neal Hamberg

Harvard Business School has always been a male dominated arena, with women struggling to make it.  Recognising the problem, HBS went about addressing the issues by implementing a program aimed at instilling confidence in female students through more role models, greater access to support, and female friendly social and educational forums.  The results thus far have proven the program to be a success, with the number of female students in the top 5% of classes rising from 14% in 2009 to 38% in 2013.  However, not everyone is happy with these results and it appears there has been considerable backlash from some of the male cohort against the moves for equality in the classroom.  Check out the conflicts, as well as the successes of the program here.



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