Affordable High Fashion At Atterley Road and Success In The Slums

Christina Yiannakis

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This week we ponder the reasons people choose not to get married, check out some inspirational female entrepreneurs in Mumbai’s slums and consider what it takes to empower women in the Asia Pacific region.

This week we meet some of Africa’s biggest female names in business technology, we look at how women in India are balancing home and work and we decide whether we should lean in or just make another sandwich! 1. African women can The August edition of Forbes Africa was only the second to feature women
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We all want Madonna’s knack for staying on top of the money game.

When we think of trailblazers we think of entrepreneurs, adventurers and women smashing the glass ceiling. What about politics?

What does pasta, chocolate cake and the Harvard Business School have in common?  They are all in this week’s edition of World Wide Women. 1. Sophia Loren cooks up some curves Why not start our Friday news with some positive food thoughts for a change?  It seems like every magazine we open is telling us
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This week we look at what practices will put an end to social discrimination against women, the gender pay gap that just won’t go away and the 100 best websites for women.   1.  Working with the community is working with women There are many different approaches to putting an end to the practice of
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