Travel Story: Top 10 Roads To Ride

Travel Story: Top 10 Roads To Ride

Travel Story: Top 10 Roads To Ride

Over the last decade, adventure couple Mike and Denise Ferris have journeyed more than half a million kilometres in search of the ultimate ride – a road fit for motor-biking that delivers as much in exotic culture as it does in breath-taking vistas, and as adrenalin-pumping as it is historical. This bucket list of roads is an accumulation of their two-wheeled experiences journeying to the ends of the earth aboard BMW’s, Enfields, Suzukis, Kawasakis …

Mike and Denise

10.  Capadocia, Turkey – It is simply not possible to adequately describe the surrealistic landscapes of Capadocia.  The unique geographical phenomenon is unlike anywhere else in the world with its spectacular topography of ‘fairy chimneys’, Troglydyte dwellings and subterranean cities – making this adventure like no other on the Turkish Treasures motorcycle safari.

9.     Leh to Lamayuru, India – This road leads to a 1,000 year old Buddhist gompa (monastery) built in the traditionally accepted manner and clinging to an impossible hillside.  It travels through stunning mountain hues and breath taking vistas described as ‘other-worldly’. The atmosphere, culture and history of this road are unique and the journey is one that is not easily forgotten. Ride the road to Lamayuru as part of the Himalayan Heights motorbike tour.

8.     Western Fjords, Iceland – Listed as one of the world’s best kept secrets, the Westfjords is comprised of untouched and largely uninhabited peninsulas, waterfalls, rugged cliffs and rolling green hills and mountains of exquisite natural  beauty . On the Inspiring Iceland tour ride through this area in the Icelandic summertime to capture a glimpse of the awe-inspiring midnight sun.

7.     Thrumsing La, Bhutan – The highest pass of Bhutan, the Thrumsing La is considered one of the most beautiful in the Himalayas. This superb road leads into a national park, through pine forests and rhododendron trees, weaving up, down and around, past small villages, terraced mountain landscapes and verdant valleys.  Explore Thrumsing La as part of the Shining Shangri-La motorbike tour of Nepal and Bhutan.

6.     Moquegua to Copacabana, Peru – This ride leads up the steep incline of the Andes and right to the shores of Lake Titiaca, which borders Bolivia and is renowned as the highest navigable lake in the world. Crossing several  4000 metre passes,  this road is a fusion of culture, history and stunning scenery.  Journey to the heartland of the Incas as part of the Awesome Andes motorbike tour.

5.     The Zoji La, India – Riding from Drass, apparently the second coldest town on the face of the earth, the Zoji La is a 3,529m steep and narrow pass descending into Sonamarg, the Switzerland of India. The road then continues on through the Vale of Kashmir to beautiful Srinagar. Snow-capped peaks, raging torrents, stark vistas, and lush green meadows make this road a scenic and extremely memorable path to ride. Explore the Zoji Lla as part of the Himalayan Heights motorbike tour.

4.     Dades Gorge, Morocco – The spectacular peaks and magical gorge that this road runs through were formed by melting water from the snowfields of the Atlas Mountains. Ride through diverse landscape, from lush palm groves (palmeraies) to sheer mountain walls, unique rock formations and nomadic villages. Experience the beauty of Morocco and the Dades Gorge on the Moroccan Magic tour.

3.     Great Dolomite Road, Northern Italy – The dramatic rocks, grey spires, snow-flecked Alps and green meadows of the Dolomites, make this a treasured mountain travel experience. A twisting journey through historic Alpine villages and ski fields on a superb riding surface, the Dolomites is a must-do ride for all adventurous motorcyclists.  Travel through the Dolomites as part of the Dalmatian Delights motorcycle safari.

2.     Sinop to Amasra, Turkey – With more corners and curves than most riders will do in a year, this days ride leads along the lush, green hills and high cliff faces of Turkey’s Black Sea. The combination of the azure sea and bright green foliage makes this journey one of the most delectable in the world. It ends in the small town of Amasra with its old cobbled streets, Byzantine gateways and historical castles. Visit Turkey as part of the Turkish Treasures motorbike tour.

1.     Khardung La, India – Acknowledged as the highest motorable road in the world, reaching a dizzying elevation of 5,600m. Made primarily of loose rock, dirt and snow, the pass is located in the Ladakh region of India and is the gateway into the Shyok and Nubra valleys. The 40km stretch of road offers jaw-dropping views of the deep valleys and narrow twisting paths below. Explore Khardung La as part of the Himalayan Heights motorcycle safari.

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