Affordable High Fashion At Atterley Road and Success In The Slums

This week we ponder the reasons people choose not to get married, check out some inspirational female entrepreneurs in Mumbai’s slums and consider what it takes to empower women in the Asia Pacific region.

1. Katie Starmer-smith creates affordable high fashion

Atterley Road is fast becoming the go-to place for women in need of affordable, high-fashion.  The best thing about it?  You don’t have to leave the house (or office) to get their latest looks.  Creator Katie Starmer-Smith spoke to this week about her inspiration and her struggle with her work/life balance.  Check it out, along with her top tip on getting it right in business.

2. It is all about the pitch

it is all about the pitch

Got a big business idea but not sure how to get funding?  Don’t sell yourselves short ladies!  Stop being modest and let the world know that you’ve got what it takes to make it.  Anne-Marie Birkill, partner at venture capital firm OneVentures, points out that women need to work on their business pitch and networking to ensure that they can access funds to help their dreams become reality.  You’ve got what it takes, the trick is to let everyone else know that.  Check out more of her tips here.

3. Success in the slums

Mumbai Slum Redevelopment Stalled By Financial Crisis

Picture yourself living in a slum in Mumbai, abandoned by your husband to take care of three sons on your own.  Many of us would flounder, but Renuka Shinde took matters into her own hands.  Unsatisfied with the $48 a month she was earning as a domestic child-care worker, Shinde took the plunge into business and began selling home made jewellery and saris.  Now making at least $200 a month she is the walking, talking definition of success.  Read more about her story and the growing number of female entrepreneurs making a name for themselves in Mumbai despite all circumstances here.

4. Walking away from the aisle

runaway bride

Are you single and trying to explain to your friends why you’re ok with that?  Or maybe you’re getting your head around why your mate just turned down an offer for marriage … Wherever the point of confusion may lie let it be known that not everyone wants to get married!  If you don’t believe me just have a read of these six reasons why some people stay happily out of wedlock.

5. Empowering women

What does it mean to be truly empowered?  Did you know that the Asia Pacific region has the highest incidence of violence against women and the lowest representation of women in government?  To change these circumstances to help empower women across our region we must work together.  The International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) is encouraging people to do just that!  Check out the stats on women’s security challenges, and their financial and political issues in our region here, then consider supporting IWDA to counteract these problems by joining their Empower Program.

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