100 Best Websites For Women, Bra Power In The Middle East and Stupid Girl-Talk

100 Best Websites For Women, Bra Power In The Middle East and Stupid Girl-Talk

100 Best Websites For Women, Bra Power In The Middle East and Stupid Girl-Talk

This week we look at what practices will put an end to social discrimination against women, the gender pay gap that just won’t go away and the 100 best websites for women.


1.  Working with the community is working with women

Kevin Frayer/AP
Kevin Frayer/AP

There are many different approaches to putting an end to the practice of social norms that disadvantage girls.  The question is, which ones would be most successful in practice?  A panel of experts put together by The Guardian have assessed different methods of ending social discrimination during a panel discussion.  Suggestions included large-scale awareness programs, ensuring that reproductive health information and services are widely available and making sure that boys and men were informed and involved in the changes to ensure cooperation.  The panel’s overarching message was the importance of community education and cooperation.  Check out more of their suggestions here.

2. Bra power in the Middle East

brablogA good entrepreneur will build a business according to customer demands, and as it turns out, there is a pretty high demand for good quality undies in the booming Middle Eastern market.  Enter Alex Tohme, a brainy business lady who decided to fill the gap in the bra business by creating Amourah.com.  Not only will this startup be selling the goods, it will also be giving out some great, practical advice on how to find the right size, colours, style… everything!  Check out this article for more details on Tohme’s work.

3. Boys getting bigger bonuses

man-womanWe’ve been hearing a lot about the global gender pay gap between men and women, with men earning an average of 17.53% more than women here in Australia, and stats not looking much better elsewhere.  While we are all hoping that wide coverage over the issue will ease the problem by building awareness, however, further studies have now revealed that the pay gap is exacerbated by bonus payments given to employees.  It has been revealed that men are receiving bonus payments that are double the size of female counterparts in identical positions.  Read the stats, feel the rage, and demand a bigger bonus!

4. Girl-talk getting you down?

unsureHow do you perform in an interview situation?  If you find yourself constantly apologising and throwing in phrases like “well sort of…” “kind of…” or“I guess…” you’re not the only one. According to the Australian Institute of Management’s course, Leadership Challenges for Women, many women speak and act as though their opinions and judgements are not valid despite the fact they are entirely competent.  Read all about it here and be sure to check how you express yourself in your next interview to show absolute self-confidence without the girl-talk.

5. 100 Best websites for women

woman-on-laptop-1There is so much stuff on the internet… no kidding… look at all this stuff! Some nights I spend hours just trying to search for a good reference, some inspiring writing, or just some light entertainment.  Luckily, Forbes has compiled a list for the 100 Best Websites for Women to save us all from having to wade through the random stuff, to get to the good stuff.  More great internet stuff for everyone!



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