Madonna Bags The Money

This week we check out inspiring businesswomen in Europe, Madonna’s knack for  staying on top of the money game and how a young girl’s photography got into one of Australia’s national galleries.

1. Women building business in Europe

Over the past few years the European market has been a tough place for start-ups and entrepreneurs.  While tough times present unfavourable conditions, the struggle for equality and leadership in business hasn’t stopped.  In fact, our friends in Sweden have been working pretty hard to make sure European women with business aspirations are continuing to work towards their goals through the the European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors.  This program sources inspiring female entrepreneurs to work with women across Europe, providing advice and guidance in areas where women don’t normally receive mentorship and support.  Check out this inspiring story about a Female Entrepreneur Ambassador working in Greece.

2.  Madonna bags the money

Think you might be able to guess which celebrity earnt the most last year?  Well, I’m a little out of touch with celebrity news but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was Madonna.  Yep, at 55 years old, Madonna is still making airwaves and the big bucks, earning more than top directors like Steven Spielberg, and authors like James Patterson.  For more info on our top gal’s finances check out this article.

3.  Ladies in leadership lead to equality

Joyce BandaDid you know that in the US, only six out of 50 states have female governors? In Africa, there are only two female presidents, out of 54 African Union member states.  These statistics come as no surprise to President Joyce Banda of Malawil who, having been born into a poor community, has been leading her country by example via cuts to her presidential budget.  Check out this amazing interview, as well as the interview that follows with Dr Mamphela Ramphele, a doctor, entrepreneur and activist who is also working against the odds in her community.

4. 12 year old photograher Sophie Deane earns a place in the national gallery

julia-gillard1Would you like to get a photo in one of Australia’s national galleries?  How bout a photo of Australia’s first female Prime Minister in the Australian Gallery of Democracy?  Well, 12 year-old Sophie Deane has done exactly that! Deane, who suffers from Down Syndrome, met Guillard in May this year and took a gallery worthy point-of-view shot of the PM with her camera.  Read more about the story here and prepare to be impressed.

5. Women as Entrepreneurs, Oris Parkanyi

Orsi-ParkanyiYou’ve invested a lot of time and money into your business plan and have finally got the ball rolling.  So when you go to take the next step, who do you turn to for good advice? Women as Entrepreneurs of course!  This Australian network is made specifically to suit the needs of women in start-ups and it certainly does deliver.  Giving personal advice, support and information Women as Entrepreneurs has already lead numerous women through the difficult start-up process, onto the road to success!  Check out this interview with Orsi Parkanyi, the founder of Women as Entrepreneurs for more info.

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