Diary Of A Detox

I hate this time of year. It’s not just the inconvenience that comes from coordinating multiple layers of clothes in the morning, or the rate at which my heels get ruined by mud and water during the wet walks to the office – it all comes down to the annual empty promise I make myself at the start of the season to keep my body bikini-ready all winter long.

This year, I managed to keep my promise for all of about a week. After that, my consumption of red wine and dark chocolate became inversely proportional to the temperature decrease. Instead of taking the high-road and accepting responsibility for the over-indulgences that followed, I did what any other female-in-denial does and blamed good ole’ Mother Nature.

Now it is smack-bang in the middle of the dreary Aussie winter and I am ready to take back control with a mid-season detox.

As a busy working woman, I wanted a detox that was fast, easy and wouldn’t leave my stomach grumbling – because, let’s be honest, a growling tummy in the midst of a business meeting is never pretty – and after much research, I found the perfect partner, Schkinny Maninny.

Schkinny Maninny

Schkinny Maninny promises to deliver exactly what I’m looking for – a healthy detox designed to clear nasty toxins, kick-start the metabolism and leave me with boundless energy and radiant skin. Best of all, there’s no nasty powders or bars, the Schkinny Maninny team deliver freshly squeezed juices, packed with fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans, straight to my home or office every day.

Day 1

On the first day of the detox, I arrive at the office to a perfectly packaged esky filled with six juices and soups, as well as bath salts, teas and inspirational messages that detail what I should expect to experience during the day. Seeing the lack of solids does make me a little squeamish, but after the huge 600mL brekkie juice, I’m too full to crave anything naughty.
The only negative side-effect is that at about 3pm, I feel a bit sluggish, tired and desperately in need of a Tim Tam. I take a deep breath and instead reach for the arvo juice; a blend of pear, apple, rocket and ginger and slowly my sugar craving subsides.

I finish off my night with probably the most delicious concoction I’ve ever had – the Schkinny Maninny Sleep Well smoothie, a medley of almond milk, almonds and brazil nuts.

Day 2

Day two is harder and it feels like my senses are overloaded with the smells of creamy pasta and quiches that are emulating from my colleagues’ lunches. My midday soup – a compilation of lentils, tomato and spices – is surprisingly tasty and filling enough to stop me reaching for the cookie jar. The Schkinny Maninny team seem to know me to a tee, because whenever I feel the dreaded ‘detox doubt’ creep in; I simply pick up my motivational message. Knowing that cravings and sluggishness are to be expected make the whole journey that little bit easier.

Day 3

On the third day of detox, I notice that my hunger has depleted – there’s no carb or chocolate cravings and my sub-conscious drooling whenever a colleague heats up their lunch has subsided. My lunch soup looks appetising and doesn’t lack in the flavour department, with its combination of carrots, cashews and spices. In the evening, I find that I am so satisfied by my evening meal (another yummy soup!), that I don’t even touch my Sleep Well smoothie.

Day 4

It’s day four and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I get another inspirational message with my delivery of juices this morning and it motivates me to continue on with the detox. By the end of the day, I start feeling nauseous at the thought of more liquids, but this only lasts 30 minutes or so.

Day 5

It’s the final day of the Schkinny Maninny detox and I am seeing and feeling the difference. My skin is less red and so much clearer, that when putting on make-up this morning, I skip the foundation and just add a slick of mascara and a swipe bronzer to my face. My eyes are brighter, I’ve lost a kilo and my jeans are looser. I feel more energised and I find myself whipping through tasks at work quicker than usual.

The most exciting transformation from the Schkinny Maninny detox is not the physical, it’s the mental. Over the last five days, I have slowly trained myself to stop wasting time anticipating and daydreaming about my next meal. Instead, I have learnt to look forward to life’s other joys, like watching a great new film or heading out for an evening walk.
The best way to determine if a detox has been successful is by whether you’d do it again and the proof is in the <fruit and vege based> pudding – I’m definitely enrolling next month!

To complete your own Schkinny Maninny detox, head to www.schkinnymaninny.

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