How To Deal With Social Media Induced Stress + Asia’s Female Investors

How To Deal With Social Media Induced Stress + Asia’s Female Investors

How To Deal With Social Media Induced Stress + Asia’s Female Investors

This week in World Wide Women we hear from some of Asia’s leading female investors, and we get some tips on dealing with an overwhelming workload and social media induced stress.

1. A conversation with Asia’s leading female investors

CatherineChangWe’re coming to the end of the month, and what a month it’s been!  March not only marks a change in season, but it is celebrated as Women’s History Month, with International Women’s Day falling on the eighth.  To help celebrate women’s achievements TechinAsia have decided to interview some of Asia’s leading female investors.  Catherine Chang, assistant vice president at Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia, is the first to be interviewed, sharing details of the inspiration behind her career choices.  We then hear from Anna Fang, of Zhenfund, and Joyce Hsu of TMI.  Each woman’s story provides information on how their careers grew, giving us plenty of inspiration for our own plans.


2. Are you overwhelmed by work?

BusyMomWhat do you consider to count as “real work”.  For years, social researchers regarded childcare and domestic duties as “leisure time”, as opposed to time at work in an office.  Clearly, we now know better and recognise that mothers, single mothers especially, are the most leisure-time-starved group in society.  So, how can mothers and working mothers fight the overwhelming pressures they face?  Bridgit Schulte has a book full of suggestions to this problem!  Overwhelmed: Work, love and play when no one has time explores the reasons behind the lack of leisure time mothers currently have.  In doing so, she suggests a few practical ways women can change their work and home lives, as well as their way of thinking, to try and tackle the problem.  Check out the latest rave review of Bridgit Schulte’s book


3. Facebook brags leads to social media induced stress

Who are you on social media?  There is a good chance that the version of you that is presented to the world on Facebook and Twitter is pretty different to the real you.  More often than not, our posts reflect all the great things we are doing and achieving.  And so they should!  However, we need to recognise that people are unlikely to share their downfalls, personal problems or even the truth of a situation online.  For those of us who spend a lot of time using social networks, it is easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, and when all we do is post the good stuff, comparisons can be damaging.  In other words, Facebook has taken our “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality to an all-new level.  The results can damage our self-esteem, motivation and aspirations.  To help us to curb these negative thoughts we need to put our lives and social media’s role in it into perspective, by focusing on our goals without comparing ourselves to others.  Check out some great tips on how to stop comparing ourselves and turn off your Facebook notifications for a little while.


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