Exercise Secrets Of The World’s Most Powerful And Busiest Women

If the world’s most powerful women in Forbes Top 100 can find time to get out of their chairs, there’s no excuse for the rest of us.

Influential women on Twitter tweeted their outrage and voiced real concerns on social media following the budget announcement.

We all want Madonna’s knack for staying on top of the money game.

What does pasta, chocolate cake and the Harvard Business School have in common?  They are all in this week’s edition of World Wide Women. 1. Sophia Loren cooks up some curves Why not start our Friday news with some positive food thoughts for a change?  It seems like every magazine we open is telling us
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While we bid goodbye to our first female PM, let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture where schoolgirls fight greater forces to have their feminist aspirations heard, Afghani women continue their struggle to access basic education, and Arianna Huffington reminds us all that success and health go hand-in-hand. 1. Goodbye Gillard Love her or
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