I Got It From My Mama…

I am asked a lot where my motivation, passion and determination comes from, and at one point in my life I really just had no idea I just thought I was stubborn. But something happened a couple of weeks ago and it just clicked to me that this is obviously where it all amounts from.

My Mum is my hero, she is that person who no matter what was happening, you believed that when she said “Everything will be OK” that everything really was going to be OK. I was a pretty sick kid, I remember countless times I would scream from my bedroom that I was going to be sick (Don’t run the toilet or anything!!!) and there she was rushing to my bed with a bucket, many times she was too late as I threw up the contents of my stomach on the floor.

She spent many hours sewing things for me (including my wedding dress, 6 bridesmaids dresses, 3 flower girls dresses and bow ties), watching me at my ballet recitals and cheering me on as I ran faster than Speedy Gonzales at the school carnivals. I went through a horrible phase when I was 26, I was ready to run away from all of my responsibilities, after seeing how stressed it made my Mum that I was being so irresponsible and immature about all the situations in my life, It kicked me in the bum to get over it and work out my differences that I had with my work, my husband and my off the rocks social life. But the bad times and the good, as cliché as that sounds, she was there!


Above: Mum and I 2008 (Back when I had no idea about fashion!)

2 weeks ago my Mum found herself in a predicament which meant she did not have her job anymore, she had spent so many years and loved her job, but the last couple of years things had changed and she wasn’t enjoying it anymore. She poured her heart and energy into this position for over 12 years, she was a loyal worker and her customers absolutely loved her. I know all too well what it feels like to be stuck in a job where you just don’t want to get up in the morning and go to work. You feel useless, sick and the depression can really get to you, I remember in my last job I pretended I was ill a lot so I didn’t have to go into work, however even throughout feeling an absolute mess my Mum still walked into that job every single day and did what she had to do.

The tone of this post is about to change so stick with me….although she was angry and upset about this situation she stayed positive throughout the process, for the 2 years of hating it and then the day where she was told she was no longer needed. Heartbreak and depression set in for her, for about an hour when all of a sudden she bounced back with a bright attitude. I spoke to her on the phone as she poured her heart and anger out to me, the next thing I know she has posted a little message on Facebook (My Mum is right up with the times!) with a complete 180 change of attitude!

The next morning, her loyal customers had come to her rescue, asking her for sewing repairs and embroidering, ironing and washing clothes and also cleaning their homes, here she was worried that people would gossip about her being let go (she lives in a small town) but instead they have given her enough work so that she can carry on being paid for doing what she loves (And in her pyjamas haha).

It just goes to show that her positive outlook that “everything happens for a reason” AND “Good always comes out of bad” really has reigned true in this situation. She is a total inspiration, and a strong woman, and someone that I will always look up to. So when people ask me where my determination, passion and motivation comes from, it’s quite clear to me now, it comes from my Mum.


Above: My lovely Mum & Dad with their MG

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