How To Lash Out In Style

There’s nothing like the flutter that comes from a pair of falsies.  With today’s technology, a faux lash is no longer limited to fancy dress parties. Whether you’re after a subtle smoulder for a cocktail event, or an extra oomph for a big office presentation, Lash-pert Founder and Creative Director of Lash Republic, Alex Stefani, has a solution.

Choosing a lash is like choosing a shoe; you need to find the perfect fit. Things such as your eye shape and the thickness and length of your natural lashes play a big part. But also important is the occasion – because no one wants to channel Priscilla Queen of the Desert in the boardroom.

Day wear- Subtlety is the key when lashing out during the day

Au NaturelWebAlex advises to keep your falsies to a minimum, opting for finishes that enhance your natural lashes, focusing the majority of volume to the outer edge of the eye line – giving you an ‘eye lift’.

Top Picks:
Au Naturel – an easy-to-apply lash strip that doesn’t require cutting. Perfect for everyday wear

Kitten – A ‘quarter strip’ lash that is applied to the outer-corners of the eye for a sexy flick. This set has more impact that the Au Naturel lashes, but is still subtle enough to wear at work.

After hours – Sport a serious smoulder with these selections

SophisticatawebEvening and false lashes are a match made in heaven and evenings are a great opportunity to add depth, richness, volume and length to your peepers.

Top Picks:
Sohpistica – this lash strip is rich in length, with volume concentrated on the outer corner of the eye for an ultra-sultry wing eye look.

Iconic Volume – this classic lash strip amp up the volume for a finish that would have will leave you with a movie star finish, a la Sophia Loren.

Party – Be adventurous and go for gold!

LibertineAlex gives us the inside word that sparkles were huge on the Fall 2013 runway , so there has never a better time to get your glam on, use glitter, metallics and embellishments to stand out of the crowd.

Libertine – a lash set with inbuilt glitter liner to keep your eyes bright and sparkly – no matter how long you’ve been on the dance floor.

Alex’s Tips for Easy Application

  • Measure the false lash against width of your natural lash line, and trim, if needed for a perfect fit.
  • Any lashes that have longer lengths on the outer corner should be placed a few millimetres inward from the outer corner of your eye to avoid the false lash giving you a droopy eye look.
  • False lashes should always sit on your lash line, not your eyelid.
  • A top performing Adhesive is a must! Lash Republic’s superior adhesive sold in each package has been uniquely formulated for a “no cure time”, so you don’t need to wave around your lash anymore for it to become tacky. Best of all, the adhesive allows you to gently peel of the lash, in case you have misplaced it and place it again due to its elastic type formula.
  • Removal – For the gentlest removal. Moisten a cotton bud (Q Tip) with a non- oil based eye makeup remover and gently run it along your lash line to loosen the grip of the adhesive. Then use one finger to hold down your eyelid, and the other hand to gently pull the false eyelash starting from the outer corner. Clean excess glue from the lash band and store in your lash tray with lid for your next use.

For more information, or to get your own falsie fix, head to

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