Shine Bright Like A Diamond

“Perth is so backwards!”. “Perth is so far away”. “If you want to go anywhere in the fashion world you need to get out of Perth!”. I am forever hearing complaints about little Perth. I get quite defensive when someone decides to put a bad word on my beautiful city. People constantly put it down.
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(Photo credit: BBC) Lights! Models! Guest list! Just do your best darling. My best? In one of the toughest industries in the world? Fashion is cut throat, one minute you’re in, the next you’re out. I realise that my time may be short-lived in this industry, or it may develop into something that I could
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I am asked a lot where my motivation, passion and determination comes from, and at one point in my life I really just had no idea I just thought I was stubborn. But something happened a couple of weeks ago and it just clicked to me that this is obviously where it all amounts from.
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