Mr 90s vs Mr 20s

techguyAfter 18 months of running my business by using a diary and printed out excel spread sheets, I thought it was time to look into something which made a lot more sense and looked more professional to my clients rather then a diary with lots of unreadable scribble and highlights.

I had this awesome idea to go out and buy a touch screen PC and thought my excel spreadsheets would glide around easily by touch. I bought the PC, still haven’t loaded excel on to it or tried out my idea yet!

I started Goggling cattery software, and soon found it is all USA and UK made and operated. I tried downloading some of the free trials to no avail. Then I came across an Aussie guy that sells one. The website looked like it was straight from the 90’s and has never been updated. But I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and contacted him. He made a day 3 weeks away to come and see me and show me his software. He only lives 1 hour away.

My next idea within these last 3 weeks, while waiting for Mr 90s was to put an ad on gumtree (who else loves Gumtree?? I have found so much help on there!).  Five people contacted with crazy prices and tech-talk I couldn’t decode. Then a 20 year old guy who has been working with software from the age of 10(!) contacts me. He is amazing! He gets my ideas and is super excited about working together. Now I am wondering why we click so well. Is it because we are just like-minded, having a mind that never stops or because he’s a typical Gen Y? He is already rattling off – app ideas I could incorporate into my business to further wow my clients.

Thank you Gumtree Gods for sending him my way!

So I thought I better contact Mr 90’s and thank him for offering to come out and see me but inform him I had found an alterative option. His reply was along the lines of … best wishes, good luck, but you will come crawling back to me when you realise their system doesn’t work as well as mine. I have never met this man, only a few emails have been exchanged. I truly believe there was no call for such a comment, I was hurt. I really wanted to write back and say if you didn’t take 3 weeks to arrange a meeting, things could have been different.

But no, I took the adult approach, hit delete and moved on with Mr 20s!

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