How To Promote Your Business When No One Knows It Exists

Six years into my business and I have worked out that not everyone will look for you – no matter how fabulous you are or how badly they need your services.

My business is a must for every woman who drives. You can have fun in one of our courses, save money and possibly even lives – the safety of your family is at stake.

So from day one, thousands of people were knocking down the door, you say?

Nope. The first few years were a hard slog, because no one was looking for me.

When was the last time you searched for “Car maintenance courses for women’?

So what to do when all you hear are crickets?

It’s easy to say just market yourself and everyone will follow – and often the traditional forms of marketing that have worked in the past may not work now, or maybe it’s the traditional forms of marketing that you haven’t tried that will work.

So grab a pencil and notepad (fresh new ones always seem to be essential for brainstorming, have you noticed?) and print this worksheet: How to get your product out there – Worksheet

Before you spend any money

1. Really think about who your main client is.

What do they do and where do they spend the most amount of their time? Are they reading the local paper? Facebook? Mobile phone or desktop computers?

Do they read blogs, use Instagram or work in the local community?

2. And why do they use these mediums?

What information do they want from them? Fun or news? To be informed or entertained?

3. Remember that when no one is looking for your brand, you need to engage them.

Start a conversation  – one that suits the medium they are using.

It can be the same message, but the delivery needs to suit the medium and the person’s expectations.

As you are aware, things have changed. The days of spending thousands of dollars on yellow pages advertising has been replaced with Facebook ads, and at times it can all be daunting.

Write down every way that you can have a touch point with your customers – from websites, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and so on.

What makes each medium? How many more people could view your business from this medium? How can you target just your ideal client?

Everything will cost you time, and remember your time is worth money, too. Start with what cost the least and which you can do yourself.

Put together a ‘conversation plan’ – ways you can talk to potential customers that is informative, engaging, fun and gets them excited to know more about you.

Enjoy the process and having fun with your customers.


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