Predictions For Female Entrepreneurs in 2014

Welcome to 2014!  We hope you celebrated in style and getting set for a massive year.  To celebrate the first issue of World Wide Women for 2014, here are  articles, information and statistics to keep you motivated.

1.  Planning and predictions for female entrepreneurs in 2014

women-entrepreneurs-branding-mistakes1 (1)Are you brewing up some business plans?  The start of a new year is a perfect time to make a change and take on new business challenges.  Of course it is pretty scary to be an entrepreneur in such a fast changing world, so we tracked down some advice for female entrepreneurs.  Read up on the trends the experts are predict will continue in 2014, as well as the market changes that may affect your business here.

2. 80%  of new self-employed people in the UK are women

Did you know that 80% of newly self-employed people between 2008 and 2011 were women?  Or that women make up 59.1% of the world’s part-time self employed population?  Those are pretty amazing statistics and there are more where they came from.  Check out this infographic for more interesting facts and figures.

3.  Why women make good entrepreneurs

We may not realise it, but many of us possess the perfect set of skills for entrepreneurship without even realising it.  Cultural expectations demand that women be exceptional listeners and communicators, two skills that lend themselves well in business.  Women are also more likely to develop workplaces that cater for families, keeping the staff content.  Check out this list to find out more reasons why women are cut out to be leaders in the business world.

4. Inspirational women in 2013

Lara Galloway
Lara Galloway

The list of people who inspired us with their good work in 2013 is endless, as is the list of women who took risks on new business ventures.  Maybe the entrepreneur Kathy Savitt, who is now the chief marketing editor of Yahoo, inspired you.  Or maybe it was Lara Galloway who caught your attention with her new business Mommycoach.  If you’re searching for inspiration and information on women like Savitt and Galloway, we’ve done the hard yards and found you a list of 2013’s most inspiring business women.

5. Resolution: “Reserve judgment on a thing or a person until I have tasted it, read it, heard it, seen it, used it, done it or met them personally”, Bridget Christie

Bridget Christie
Bridget Christie

The start of the new year is a great time to set yourself goals, and reflect on what is important to you.  If you are yet to think up your own resolution, it isn’t too late.  We’ve heard some great ones this year, including one from comedian Bridget Christie who aims to “reserve judgment on a thing or a person until I have tasted it, read it, heard it, seen it, used it, done it or met them personally”.  Read up on what other women have resolved to do this year here.



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