Photo-Editing Web Apps For Non-Designers

In the world of digital marketing images are so important.

Twitter recently made images viewable in their discovery feed in an effort to make the hugely popular social networking platform more visual.

The old saying “A picture tells a thousand words” is so true when it comes to marketing.

My business looks after posting to social media platforms on behalf of businesses and I teach all my staff to post an image with every status.

Not only does this help posts to stand out in news feeds but images also help people to relate to a product or brand far more than just text.

Now not everyone is a budding graphic designer and many businesses don’t have the money to hire one so I’m here to share with you some great free platforms you can use to create awesome looking images to enhance your social media, print and other marketing media.

A platform we use a lot of the time is PicMonkey. PicMonkey is a simple drag and drop program you can use online to edit your images. You can do everything from adding text, borders and speech bubbles to removing red eye, wrinkles and even those few extra kilos off your pictures. Now I have a complete photoshop suite yet find myself using PicMonkey, a free program, more than photoshop as it’s so easy to use.

A great new program which is still in BETA testing mode is Canva. Canva’s main difference is that they provide you with great template ready to use for everything from a Facebook post, poster, business card or presentation. You can even save your images in print ready format with bleed and crop marks ready for a printing company.

Canva also has hundreds of stock images you can use if you don’t have your own. Many of the images are free and their premium images are just $1 which is far lower than other stock images which you can get from companies such as istockphoto or shutterstock.

Next time you go to send out a flyer or post to your Facebook page be sure to have a play with jazzing up your images first. You will be surprised at what you can create in just a few minutes.

Bye for now,

Karyn with a Y


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