Best Video Recording Apps And Video Sharing Apps For Business And For Fun

We reveal four of the best video recording apps and video sharing apps in 2014 that will change the way you communicate and interact with customers, clients, staff, family and friends.

Forget Youtube, try four of the coolest mobile video apps that let you to collaborate on video projects with others, edit videos easily with music, filters and clips from other videos, curate video content from your fav sites or manage privacy especially when it comes to your kids.

1.  MixBit

MixBit is one of the best video recording apps that lets you edit and publish movie clips. You can also mix as many clips as you want to create an hour-long video. All from the palm of your hand! It’s unique feature is the ability to remix videos by grabbing individual clips from videos you discover on MixBit projects. This feature is available on the MixBit website where you can create a movie clip without actually recording your own video, but simply by curating clips uploaded by the community.

Developed by YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, MixBit is all about helping people collaborate and make videos together.

Check out this clip:

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2. Vodio

If you’re a fan of content curation and prefer video content over text-heavy news sites, this video content curation app is for you. Vodio is a video app that curates video content from your favourite news websites and other sites including Youtube. It matches your personal taste and preferences so you’ll only see videos you’re interested in.

Download Vodio, a video app for Android

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3. Lifecake

Designed with privacy and security in mind, Lifecake is a photo and video sharing app specifically for parents. Photos and videos are organised by date; you’re able to create photobooks and share with friends and family via an invite, away from the public eye. Perfect for security-conscious, tech-savvy mums.

Download Lifecake for Android, photo and video sharing applifecake








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4. JumpCam

One of the newest video app to hit both Apple and GooglePlay markets in late 2013, JumpCam is a fun video collaboration app that would work well for event organisers (conferences, networking socials, parties, weddings and so on). Use it to create a collection of clips from attendees by inviting them to add their own video clip of your event. Add filters, music and share on social media. JumpCam is a truly fun video collaboration app that makes creating group videos super-easy. A final event video could compose of 30 different clips (10 secs max each). What a great way to get event testimonials from your attendees and capture moments as a collective.

Download JumpCam for Android, video collaboration appDownload JumpCam for Android, video collaboration app

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  • One more suggestion: CameraMAX

    It’s free, Quad HD 1440p output with filters.!/id899988080?mt=8

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