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I was delighted to get my hands on a “Bugs and Insects” craft box from PeekyMe and a bonus Super Heroes Party Pack, and quickly decided it was going to be my first week of holiday activity. These activities were stretched out over four days, with an activity on each of the days.

The ‘PeekyMe’ website was launched this year in May offering craft boxes and party packs designed for children aged 3-7 years. Customers can subscribe monthly ($24.95) or annually ($275). There is also a gift subscription that can be purchased at 1,3,6 or 12 months.

The craft boxes are delivered each month with all the materials you need to create 3-4 craft activities based on a theme.  The theme changes monthly and all the activities are inspired by art, science and the environment. The activities have an educational focus based on the Early Years Learning Framework, which was developed by the Australian Government to support and enhance children’s learning.

From my background as a primary/secondary teacher, having the educational outcomes aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework was important and it just wasn’t another ‘craft project or kit’ that my daughter was working on. It’s also a great talking point with your children about identification of insects/bugs and we have followed it up by looking up David Attenborough’s videos on YouTube.

I love how this box was delivered from the branding to the beautiful string wrapped around this box (Miss 5 just loved unwrapping the box). Each item was beautifully wrapped with both light blue and red tissue paper adding to the excitement of the items within. I can easily see why this would be an ideal gift for a child with free shipping and gift wrapping provided.

PeekyMe Craft

Miss 5 decided to make the Bug Jar first with a picture (and instructions below) helping us to make the project. Having glue dots was a brilliant idea (even though a glue stick and craft glue is included with the box of goodies).

She then decided her little sister who is 2 needed to have a “Superhero’s Cape” with the stars and other decorations stuck onto the back of the cape. The cape was easy to put on with a Velcro tab great for little fingers. This idea would be perfect to keep boys or girls occupied at party with all items included.  This party pack also came with crayons and a mask.  The best thing about this party pack is that there are no lollies involved and the children get to take home what they have made (it also could be part of a goodie bag to take home).

The little insect got put in a glass jar overnight with some water (to grow) which then got moved to the bug jar for safekeeping.

The spider web activity (wool stuck onto a blowup balloon and then popped after the wool is dry) left Miss 5 proudly announcing “why aren’t we doing more of these activities during holidays?”

These boxes are ideal for taking on holidays, camping or even gifting and I look forward to more ideas from PeekyMe!

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*This review was written by Megan Iemma.


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