5 Bad Financial Habits To Break In The New Year


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If your finances have suffered an unlucky 2013, consider if poor financial habits are to blame. Many of us are lazy or apathetic about our money, even though our financial freedom is at stake.

Even if it’s too hot for a lunchtime jog around the park, there’s plenty of exercise you can do in your office chair, without your colleagues even realising.

When Rachael Robertson won a job to lead an Australian Research Expedition to Antarctica she learned an important leadership skill that would help them survive the harshest of conditions.

The difference between people who are just surviving with those who are thriving in the financial aspects of their life are the stories (or excuses) they tell themselves.

Dreaming about making a change is easy. Deciding to take a career leap is the hard part. Here are useful tips on deciding to jump and finding your feet.

I find all facets of business fun and I have been fortunate to have had experience of varying capacities at many different levels. Co-founding The Big Smoke this year required I dip into my knowledge bank of both formal education and personal experience.

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