How To Winter-Proof Your Skin

We all know that our wardrobe and diet changes significantly during winter (hello, leather boots and slow cookers!), but you might not realise that the change in season means it’s also time for an overhaul of your skin regime.  I had a chat to leading skincare expert and Managing Director of Skinstitut, Fiona Tuck, to get the inside word on how to create complexion perfection.

Fiona explains that during the cooler months, skin can become dry because of the cold, dry air, over-heated offices and a heavier diet. So, step away from the harsh cleansers and astringent toners and take heed the top 3 products to brighten up this winter:

Calming Cleaners


Fiona recommends incorporating a calming, hydrating antioxidant cleanser to remove makeup and grime, without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Top Pick: Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser RRP $45

Real-life review: This cleanser foams easily with warm water and is so gentle, you can use it to remove eye and lip make-up. The lightly scented formula was hydrating and unlike other products, didn’t leave my skin with a tight, dry feeling.

Vitamin-Boosting Exfoliants

A gentle exfoliant with added vitamins is essential to keep your skin glowing and remove the build-up of dry, flaky scales.

Top Pick: Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel RRP$45

Real-life review: From my very first use of this product, I noticed an immediate difference in my skin. Redness subsided, pimples cleared up and skin tone was brightened. This product is now a staple in my bathroom cabinet!

Hydrating Balms

Finish you routine with a super intensive, hydrating balm that moisturises and repairs. Opt for products that are vitamin rich and contain ceramides – which act as a barrier, protecting the skin from any chemicals it may come in contact with.

Top Pick: Skinstitut Repair Balm RRP $45

Real-life review: This balm was thick and decadent, without being greasy. The added Shea butter left my skin smelling good enough to eat and it was a great post-exfoliation finisher. However, this may not be a good product for people with acne or super oily skin.

To achieve beautiful skin all-year round, it is important to protect and nourish the body – both inside and out, explains Fiona.

To complement your new skin care routine, try Fiona’s expert tips:

  • Take cod liver oil –   Cod liver oil is rich in omega 3 to promote good health and radiant skin plus vitamin A, an essential skin nutrient and cold and flu fighter. It also contains vitamin D which needs boosting in the winter months.
  • Get outside – It may be winter but going out for a walk in the morning sunshine will boost vitamin D levels (great to banish the winter blues). Regular exercise is imperative for oxygenating the skin and removing waste materials from the cells, resulting in a healthy glow.
  • Visit a Pro – Winter is an excellent time to treat your skin. Professional skin treatments  such as dermal rolling and laser treatments can really rejuvenate the skin  addressing conditions such as lines, wrinkles and pigmentation having you look your radiant best for spring.

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