Boobie Trap

Boobie Trap

Sometimes a product comes along that makes you wonder why it hadn’t been invented before! Designed in Perth, WA by young entrepreneur Emma Avison, The Boobie Trap is a clever little shelving device that slips neatly into your drawer allowing you to store your bras safely and keeps them tangle-free.

Modular system
Modular system

The device looks like a plastic moulded bustier stand, and each one (you get five of them in each package) clips into the other to keep them all together. They fit into ‘most’ drawer sizes, but if they don’t, looking this good, you could always keep them on display, or move them to a shelf.

You can fit about 3 bras into each section, and depending on the padding, you could keep 15 of your bras out of trouble with just one pack. If you have padded or specialty bras, this is a fantastic way to keep them in shape, as dented or twisted bras are uncomfortable to wear, and expensive to replace.

Boobie trap
Boobie Trap: bra storage system

The Boobie Trap isn’t just for your drawers at home. Clip two together and pop it in your suitcase when going on holiday to keep your bras from being crushed in transit. If you have a large collection of bikinis, clip the tops to the undies and store those in there as well. You’d be surprised at how much more organised your delicates draw can look!

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