Hypoxi: The Exercise Regime For Multi-Taskers

Hypoxi: The Exercise Regime For Multi-Taskers

Hypoxi: The Exercise Regime For Multi-Taskers

I love a good work-out. The endorphins that come from a sweat session leave me in a dizzy excitement that lasts for hours. But, like many busy women, I find that my gym routine is consistently at the bottom of my priority list – above blow-drying my hair, but way below work commitments, grocery shopping and cooking dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if we could workout while responding to emails?

Wouldn’t it be outstanding if we could halve our workout time, but still receive the same physical benefits?

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but as a commitment to my fellow readers to source out solutions to health and beauty concerns, I stumbled across the multi-tasker’s workout – Hypoxi. Using a high and low pressure system to increase circulation on typical ‘problem areas’:hips, butt and thighs, the machine promises to be three times more effective than traditional exercise and result in a loss of up to 30cm and a reduction in cellulite in just 12 sessions.

Each 30-minute session involves reclined cycling at a steady pace, keeping your pulse in the ‘fat-burning’ stage. From the waist down, your body disappears into the vacuum, leaving your hands free to check emails, order your groceries online or take some time-out to catch up on the latest magazines.

The exercise will leave you sweaty, but not exhausted and the fact that you can tick multiple items off your ‘to-do list’ while you’re there, is a bonus.

Developed by Austrian Sports Scientist, Dr Norbert Egger, Hypoxi is the first technology of its kind in Australia which uses advanced compression combined with exercise to kick-start the body’s fat burning capabilities in targeted areas.

The results of this treatment speak for themselves, each client is provided with a portfolio of local case-studies and real life stories. Better yet, is the fact that I personally lost a total of 15cm in the 12-sessions – and I’m so impressed I’m continuing on with the program.

For information on your closest Hypoxi studio, visit www.hypoxi.com.au.

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