Boobie Trap Inventor Emma Avison Chats To

Boobie Trap Inventor Emma Avison Chats To

Boobie Trap Inventor Emma Avison Chats To

Editor’s Note: Our Ambassador Rebecca Caldwell recently reviewed a fabulous product that help keep our intimate fancy bras in good order and shape. You can read it here. This week, she chats with the woman behind the idea.

If you have been guilty of opening up your lingerie drawer and wincing at the mayhem that dwells within, you are not the only one. Fancy bras are those little luxuries that put a smile on the face of any woman, and yet they are treated badly. Bras are shoved into a tangled drawer, thrown into the washing machine or dryer to be twisted, rusted and dented.  With gorgeous French lace and colourful varieties costing well over $80, it makes sense to give them a little love so they last a little longer.

Emma Avison thought the same thing when she came up with the idea of a simple bra storage system, designed to keep bras untangled and easy to identify in your lingerie drawer. The Boobie Trap, designed in WA, is a unique and simple invention that simply slots into most drawers for convenient bra storage.

I met and spoke with Emma to hear a bit about her product and how a young woman becomes an inventor!

My underwear drawer is a nightmare, and I know that out of necessity an idea is born; what made you take the leap from idea to design and manufacture?
We all think of new ideas from time to time but most of the time we never do anything with them. I thought of Boobie Trap many years ago and I sat on the idea for a couple of years. It wasn’t until I started sharing the idea with close friends and family that I realised I might be on to something.

Where did the name come from?
The name was really important to me because it was going to create the brand, everything would be built around it. I spent lots of time thinking up different names but none really felt right. My friend Chris actually came up with the name he just randomly text me one day when he was at the cricket and I just said genius!

What were your biggest roadblocks along the way? How did you overcome them?
The biggest challenge throughout the process was finances. You can never really prepare yourself for how much it is going to cost, and it certainly hasn’t been close to what I budgeted. I borrowed what I could, I worked full time and did on the job training to further my career. I worked really hard to earn a great promotion and I saved what I could. It is amazing that when I got really stuck, when I was at the lowest points I just managed to figure it out somehow. You really learn about the sort of person you are in times of adversity.

Were there times when you doubted yourself? What brought you back to earth?
There were many time where I thought “what am I doing” or “this just isn’t going to work”, it has been a really stressful journey but I am really glad I have pushed on. I am lucky to have an amazing supportive fiance and a really supportive family who have always beens there to help me stay strong and focused.

You work full time as well as running Boobie Trap from your home, how do you fit it all in?
It isn’t easy but it is amazing how much more you fit in when you have a busy schedule. I work in a pretty demanding job that I love so I am really focused when I am there. I squeeze Boobie Trap in before and after work and on the weekend. I don’t actually mind giving up my weekend or weeknights because I really love spending time working on Boobie Trap.

What are your future plans for Boobie Trap?
I just really hope that more people can learn about Boobie Trap and it’s benefits. I would love for Boobie Trap to be sold all over the world so more women can start looking after their bras.

If you had to do it all again, knowing what you know now, would you still do it?
That is a really tough question. At the start If I knew what I know now I probably would not have started but for what I have learnt, the friends I have made and the product I have created I am so proud I persevered.

Finally, what advice do you have for budding inventors and entrepreneurs?
It is not an easy road to travel but if you believe in your product and you can be patient and persevere you can really achieve tremendous results.

Visit Emma’s website if you’re looking to clean up your drawers.

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