How Many Words Are There For The Female Genitalia?

How Many Words Are There For The Female Genitalia?

How Many Words Are There For The Female Genitalia?

51 Shades of Maggie Muff is a spectacularly obscene parody of the mummy porn sensation 50 Shades of Grey. I have never heard so many obscenely hilarious phrases and words for the female genitalia in an hour and a half.

How to describe 51 Shades of Maggie Muff…. Think Shirley Valentine but funnier and sexier and 51 Shades meets Coronation Street. Set in the wrong side of the tracks in Manchester where the main employer is the Dole office and the main entertainment is shoplifting, eating fish fingers and what is referred to throughout the show as ‘bucking’ (put 2 and 2 together and you will get 4).

Maggie thinks she found love in an upper class tosser who works in the dole office. The tone of the play shifts from obscenely hilarious descriptions of sexual attraction and female genitalia to nicely drawn vignettes of lives lived rough and ready in lower class Manchester.

Many words describe Maggie Muff – streetwise, outrageous, crass, sassy, offensive, confident  but she is totally lovable and you are always on her side throughout the show.

The story of Maggie Muff started as one chapter written by Irish student, Leesa Harker on Facebook. After a few days there were 15,000 people following the story which then became a popular novel.

Actress Nikki Britton is hilarious as the one woman show and did an amazing job of covering a mic malfunction that had the audiences in stitches.  The audience was buzzing as they left the theatre, discussing the hilarious phrases and laughing amongst their friends about the liberal use of cuss words and sexual innuendo.

Prudes need not apply.  You must have a sense of humour and liberal attitude towards life to see this show and the only thing you will regret is not buying a ticket.

Get your tickets before they sell out:


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