What It’s Like Raising Money As A Woman In Silicon Valley

What It’s Like Raising Money As A Woman In Silicon Valley

What It’s Like Raising Money As A Woman In Silicon Valley

Woman in tech startup face sexual harassment in Silicon Valley

We are seeing a rising number of  successes by female tech founders heading to Silicon Valley to find investors for their startups – something which needs to be celebrated in an industry that continues to be dominated by tech dudes and deep pocketed men in suits. It is a fact that women in tech face chauvinism and harassment, but not many would suspect such behaviour could be so “barefaced and routine” one would experience impropriety on several occasions. In an industry that professes to be egalitarian and forward-thinking, this woman’s anonymous account of her dealings with angel investors will floor you.

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The 16 countries where women are fairing equal to or better than men

The United Nations’ latest Human Development Report shows women are 8% less well-off than men, considering concerns like education achievement, life expectancy, and income. In South Asia, for example, there’s a 17% gap between the sexes, reflecting persistent inequality and discrimination.

However, of 148 countries included, this trend does not hold true in 16 countries, in which females all have higher human development values than men. The reasons are varied, the UN says: “For some of these countries, this may be attributed to higher female educational achievement; for others, to a significantly longer female life expectancy–over five years longer than that of males.”

Interested to find out which 16 countries are on the list?

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Changing the world by training women to embrace their power and shift the definition of leadership

What if the word “leadership” didn’t conjure images of power and dominance, but instead was more representative of collaboration and caretaking? That’s just one of the ambitious undertakings of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC) based in Rhinebeck, New York’s Omega Institute.

The Omega Institute is a wellness and personal growth learning centre cofounded by Elizabeth Lesser and Stephan Rechtschaffen, in 1977. After many years of helping women explore and develop their own power their latest research focuses on how to foster more leadership among women. Their big hairy audacious and not so impossible goal is to help women overcome obstacles to embrace their power and shift the very definition of the word.

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