3 Ways To Ooze Confidence Even When You’re Not

3 Ways To Ooze Confidence Even When You’re Not

3 Ways To Ooze Confidence Even When You’re Not

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were in WAY over your head? Where you felt like you could never find the answer or finish the job? I know this feeling crops up when we start a new job or are promoted to a new position.

We tend to ask ourselves ‘am I really the right person for this job?

Can I do this?’

It’s totally normal to doubt yourself. Heck, if you didn’t, I’d be a little sceptical. It’s our brain’s way of saying ‘slow down, sister. Let’s think about this for a second’. It’s really the survival response from our brain trying to keep us safe. What our dear brain doesn’t understand is that new challenges, like a new job or a new position, isn’t going to kill us.

Not at all! In fact, it will make us grow and evolve.

So how can we overcome the fear of not being good enough and just get on with the job?

Here are three simple steps to run through the next time you find yourself on that ledge.

Look for the little wins

Break your tasks and challenges down into bite sized pieces and tackle the easy ones first. Once you have kicked some small goals, your self-belief increases, you gain momentum and build confidence!

Don’t forget past wins

Remind yourself the last time you were pushed to the limits and came out on top. Reinforcing the message that you can, and will, overcome new and difficult challenges because you have done it in the past, gives you a sense of certainty and again, fosters confidence.

Fake it till you make it!

Unfortunately we don’t just get zapped with warm, fuzzy, confidence feelings. We have to earn them.


By going through the valley of the shadow of FEAR! So put on some fierce lipstick, wear your ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ heels and strut your stuff, mama. Pretending to have confidence will give you all the boost you need to accomplish whatever challenges stand in your way.

So go out there and rock your new swagger!

I’d love to hear from you now, tell me a time when you have had your back to the wall and couldn’t see a way out. What did you do and what results did you get?


[author image=”http://www.woman.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Me.jpg” ]I am a passionate career coach who works with feisty, fearless females, helping them to get clear on their career and their sense of purpose so that they can fall back in love with their lives. Through my programs and one-on-one sessions I help clients get a greater sense of security and certainty about the future, less worry about their bank balance, more control over all aspects of their life, no more confusion, burden or overwhelm and, of course, they smile A LOT more!

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