How Do You Feel About Nipnomination?

How Do You Feel About Nipnomination?

How Do You Feel About Nipnomination?

In this week’s news, we meet a woman who let her health guide her to success, talk about Tory Burch helping women in business and try to get our heads around the Nipnominate debacle.

1.  What does it mean to Nipnominate?

brasWe all heard about Neknominations – the online drinking game that went viral and resulted in numerous health fiascos, but have you heard about the latest craze it has inspired?  Nipnominate asks women to post photos of themselves in their bras in the name of breast cancer.  Hashtagged #bangerstocancer the photos are linked to the Just Giving page, where viewers are encouraged to donate to breast cancer research.  While the sentiment behind the movement appears to be good, many are asking whether the game is trivialising a serious illness in order to titillate donors rather than support sufferers.  As Daisy Buchanan of the Guardian exclaimed, “ If I’d had a mastectomy, I wouldn’t feel comforted or supported if a group of attractive, healthy women tweeted pictures of their bouncing breasts to boost the profile of breast cancer care. I’d feel alienated and angry.”  Read Buchanan’s argument here and, whether you agree with her or not, consider donating to Australia’s boob-photo-free National Breast Cancer Foundation to avoid the controversy while showing your support.


2.  Fashion trailblazer gives back

toryburchShe’s a fashion tycoon, a lifestyle guru and now Tory Burch can add philanthropist to her list of incredibly qualities.  After experiencing the challenges involved with starting up her own business in 2004, Burch felt that creating the Tory Burch Foundation was essential to ensure women starting businesses could access the support and knowledge they would need to succeed.  The Foundation aims to fill the void that women often face when trying to gain access to capital, mentoring and training in the development stages of their business.  Furthermore, Burch knows that investing in women means investing in the community, as women put their business savings towards improving their family’s lifestyle.  Since embarking on her philanthropic mission, the Tory Burch Foundation has granted over 220 small business loans, and provided guidance for over 1000 women.   Read more about Burch and her work here.


3.  When illness leads to success

SusannaMultiple Sclerosis, an inflammatory disease that affects the brain and spinal chord, can be a life changing diagnosis.   In 1994, Susanna Scouller found out first hand the impact MS can have on a person’s lifestyle and career.  The constant pain she was experiencing in the neck and shoulders drove her to seek alternative forms of therapy, leading her away from her budding career in film and television.  Eventually, Scouller discovered the Alexander Technique and has never looked back.  Now a teacher of the technique, Scouller swears by its benefits and encourages everyone to follow their hearts to their dream career no matter how unconventional the path to finding it is.  She believes that the key to true success is to get the best possible training, to get experience as soon as you can (paid or not!) and to believe whole heartedly in what you are doing.  For more business tips and information on Alexander Technique check out the interview with Scouller here.


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