Career Advice Learned From Mistakes, Mothers and Mentors

Career Advice Learned From Mistakes, Mothers and Mentors

Career Advice Learned From Mistakes, Mothers and Mentors


1. Successful women entrepreneurs share what they got wrong

One of the most effective ways of learning is to try something yourself, and then learn from your mistakes.  This is easier said than done, especially if you’re like me and are scared silly of the thought of tripping up or failing.  Of course, this type of fear must be over come, but it is always worth doing a bit of research before you set about your business to help you to minimise the impact of the inevitable mistakes you will make (we’re only human after all!).  To give us all a hand three wonderful female entrepreneurs have shared the lessons they learned from the things they got wrong. The very successful Jenn Greacen of Highland Productions, Terri Jelks of Stylish Traditions Wedding & Event Designs, and Angela Ardolino have something to say about the things they got wrong.



2. Mothers lead the way


When you look back on your childhood what people and events stand out and what lessons did they teach you? With mother’s day just gone, one savvy blogger decided to share with us some of the lessons in leadership his mother passed on to him.  My favourite lesson would have to be the fifth one on the list: Connecting with other people is more valuable than living in isolation.  When we consider this from a leadership point of view we can see that providing your team with support, empathy and trust as well as guidance, will deliver greater results overall.  Additionally, the connections we make in our home and work lives reward us in more ways than we realise.

Read Skipp Richard’s writing about leadership advice.


3. Advice from the professionals


Who do you turn to when you need career advice?  Call me a traditionalist, but a career advisor would be my first point of call.  Maeve Richard is the director of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Career Management and she has a few gems she’d like to share.  Her advice for women in business includes not losing yourself to the career/home life-balancing act.  These parts of your life should be complimentary in order for you to succeed and remain true to yourself and your health.  Additionally, she stresses the vital importance of having a mentor and the impact you can have on someone if you chose to take on a mentee.  If you take on such responsibility, ensure that you are ready and able to guide your mentee well, with honesty and positivity.

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