Arianna Huffington Redefines Success And Happiness

Arianna Huffington helps us create a happier life, while women are inspiring other women to make their business dreams a reality.  


1. How to redefine success with a Huffington flair

Arianna HuffingtonThe internet is buzzing over the release of Arianna Huffington’s latest book, and with good reason.  Entitled Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Happier Life, the book has already been established as a “must read” for anyone who is struggling to define success and achieve a content and balanced lifestyle.  Huffington has researched psychology, sports, sleep and physiology to bring us a relatable and enlightening text on how mindful living can help us change our culture, workplace and home life for the better.  Still not sure if you’re ready to purchase the book?  Check out this excerpt to find out why Ariana Huffington’s latest book is already a best seller.

 2. The importance of helping each other reach our goals

Sarah CurranHow do women succeed in business, and what inspires them to push on when the going gets tough?  According to Sarah Curran, the founder of My-Wardrobe, it was the support and inspiration provided by other successful women that got her over the hump when she established her company.  Curran spoke to Huff Post Women about the people who inspired her, and how they have motivated her to assist other women in the same way.  As she says, helping women to succeed is empowering for everyone.  Watch the interview with Sarah Curran for some positive points on how to help yourself and other women grow in a professional environment.


3. Why women entrepreneurs are a smart investment

Ever wonder who makes up the fastest growing entrepreneurial group?  Well, studies in the USA have shown that it’s women!  Between 2007 and 2013 the USA saw a 569,000-jobs decline for small, private companies.  However, female owned companies fought back, creating 175,000 new positions while other businesses faltered.  Despite the strength, bravery and creativity women are showing in the development of their own companies, capital is still somewhat elusive.  Currently, less than 4% of venture capital is distributed to women, forcing them to turn to crowd funding sites as an alternative means to boost investment.  Read up on the details of the challenges we face as female entrepreneurs, as well as some tips and predictions on the direction of the job market.


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