Girls Rock At Girls Only Festival

I hope you know this (because you should): women rock. There is no better way to see how awesome women are than by attending the GO Festival.


Held in March each year, the GO Festival (or Girls Only Festival) showcases the best services available for women and is a great way to show how diverse and fabulous women truly are.

GO Festival

I’ve attended and worked at expos before, but this was the first expo I attended where the energy was so positive that it was hard not to feel part of something big. From cleaning products through to amazing shoes, personal styling and health services, the GO Festival showcases all that is great about being a woman.

It didn’t matter what background you came from, what size or age you were, whether you were a stay at home mum or a CEO, there was this feeling of acceptance. Imagine how good life would be if we showed the same level of respect for one another as we did at the GO Festival?

So I urge you be kind to the sisterhood. Life is tough enough as it is, take the philosophy of the GO Festival and be proud of who you are and what you stand for.

Because you are awesome and you need to hear that!



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