Women With Issues And Big Girl’s Panties

Women With Issues And Big Girl’s Panties

Women With Issues And Big Girl’s Panties

I am sucker for an event or product with a cool name or unique concept. And this one just spoke to me (it also helps that the event involves my fave things – socialising, wine and fabulous women).  After having met Alli at an event the week previously, I knew that ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ would be nothing short of fabulous.

Alli & Genine really know how to create an event, and with the expert help from Kym O’Gorman Marketing, they had the perfect mix of women, wine and gorgeous views overlooking the water at Moda Events Portside. And we’re here to try Big Girl’s Panties and chat to women with issues! “What issues?”, you ask?

Well, where do I start!

Alli and Genine
Alli and Genine

The event was to launch Alli & Genine’s wine range, playfully called Big Girl’s Panties, and in a unique twist guests get to taste and help select the best wines to put into production.

What clever foxes! It certainly was the biggest focus group I have ever seen (and the most fun).

Great banter.

The official festivities started with four very talented men tap dancing to some classic tunes including Grease, Single Ladies, YMCA and Gangnam Style, to name a few. It was a very impressive way to start and had the ladies cheering and wanting more. I also loved the way they did the wine tastings. On arrival you enjoyed a glass of champagne. The two whites on offer could be tasted with the main meal and red wines with the fabulous red velvet cupcakes and chocolate for dessert.  No fuss, no stress, just enjoying wine like you normally would with your girlfriends over lunch. Brilliant in its simplicity!

The ladies have a very ‘Trinny & Susanna’ quality to them. They banter back and forth, share stories and promote a brand based on honesty and sharing. That is, sharing issues with friends.  Just like their book, ‘Issues? What Issues?‘. The closeness of their friendship is apparent and only makes them more appealing as role models for other women.

Alli and Genine
Issues? What Issues? by Alli and Genine

And of course, they were also supporting some great charities with some of the proceeds going to Dressed for Success, Sids for Kids and Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation.

I was one happy chick when I left armed with an impressive goodie bag, free lipstick from Zazi, a free book to hopefully deal with my issues (what issues?), and a case of their sparkling wine ordered.

Shame I had to go back to work.

I hadn’t been to one of their events before, and after attending Ladies Who Lunch yesterday, I will be first in line for the next one in Brisbane.

You can find Alli & Genine at www.alliandgenine.com.

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